Hairpin RNAi vectors for plants - Material Transfer Agreement

CSIRO provides a variety of plant gene silencing vectors to educational and research organisations for internal research purposes. If you are an educational or research organisation requiring access for internal research purpose, you can make a request for supply under CSIRO's Material Transfer Agreement.

The Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is only available for the transfer of the Biological Material to educational and research organisations for internal research purposes.

pHELLSGATE, pWATERGATE, pSTARGATE and pOpOff contain GatewayTM recombination sites. GatewayTM is proprietary technology owned by Invitrogen and to the extent that CSIRO vectors incorporate GatewayTM technology, CSIRO only has permission to distribute these vectors to educational and research organisations for research purposes.

If the Recipient does not satisfy either of these criteria then the Recipient must obtain a separate licence from Invitrogen via this website .

The vector pOpOff also contains the pOp6 promoter for chemically inducible expression of hairpin RNA molecules, contributed by Dr Ian Moore of the University of Oxford. CSIRO only has permission to distribute strictly for non-commercial academic and research purposes.

The Recipient acknowledges that pSTARLING incorporates a maize ubiquitin promoter owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC. CSIRO is unable to grant any rights to the Recipient to use the maize ubiquitin promoter for other than internal research purposes and the Recipient must make separate arrangement with Dow AgroSciences LLC if other uses are intended.

Material Transfer Agreement

This is an agreement between the Recipient and CSIRO under which CSIRO provides Material for research purposes in accordance with the Terms below. “Agreement” means these Details together with the Terms below.

Other capitalised expressions used in this Agreement not otherwise defined in the Terms have the meanings given to them in these Details.



Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (ABN 41 687 119 230), having its principal office at Limestone Avenue, Campbell in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia.


Personal Information collected is subject to CSIRO's privacy notice.

Biological material developed for use in experimental research.
Permitted Use
Subject to CSIRO accepting the Recipient's request under this Agreement. CSIRO will make reasonable efforts to deliver the Material by the Delivery Date. If CSIRO is unable to meet the Delivery Date then Recipient will be told of any delay and of the revised delivery date for the affected Material to be provided within a reasonable time.


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