Our track record in collaborative research

We've achieved amazing results through working on research and innovation with organisations like yours.

  • Rapid ore sorting

    We’ve helped Newcrest make a new ore sorting solution economically viable. Together we developed a large-scale sensor for high tonnage, low-grade ore sorting. This has resulted in enormous energy and water usage reductions for Newcrest.

    Primary topic: Intelligent mining

  • Accelerating small business entry into competitive global markets

    We’ve helped a small Australian business get ready to export overseas. Textor Technologies accelerated their product development by tapping into CSIRO researchers. They’re now manufacturing more innovative products, more efficiently, and have started exporting within the Asia Pacific region.

    Primary topic: Industry and defence

  • Offshore oil and gas

    We’ve helped Petronas improve productivity by reducing shut downs. A team of researchers from Petronas and CSIRO have developed an adhesive composite material that can protect and repair damaged sections of subsea pipeline. In addition to being a safer and quicker solution, it reduces the need for extended, costly shut downs.

    Primary topic: Gas, oil and CO2 storage


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