Our approach

Strategic foresight is an evidence-based approach to understanding long-term trends. Find out how strategic foresight can help you.

How we work

We are a team of experienced strategists and consultants who are passionate about the role that science, technology and innovation play in creating comparative advantage and economic sustainability. We:

  • build on the deep expertise of over 5000 CSIRO science professionals
  • bring scientific discipline to strategic advisory work by relying on evidence-based methodologies and analysis
  • are an independent, objective trusted advisor to Australia and the world.

CSIRO Futures methodology

Our foresight toolkit predicts megatrends, megashocks and scenarios derived from our evidence-based analysis methodology which involves:

  • horizon scanning and trend identification
  • trend analysis
  • narrative development
  • strategic planning and decision making.

Diagram of the CSIRO Futures scenario planning framework

CSIRO Futures scenario planning framework

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