The future of mining in Chile

We worked with the CSIRO Chile International Centre of Excellence and the Chilean Government to identify the possible future scenarios for the mining industry in Chile.

The Challenge

A competitive and challenging market

In an extremely competitive and increasingly challenging global commodity market, we worked with the CSIRO Chile Centre of Excellence (a joint CSIRO and Government of Chile initiative) to identify the role that innovation in the mining sector could play in Chile’s economic growth, human capital development, and solving Chile’s major technical challenges in energy and water.

Our Response

Identifying trends and opportunities

During the project, we engaged with a wide range of senior stakeholders in Chilean industry and government and identified five possible scenarios for the future of the Chilean mining industry, based on a number of global mining trends.

The Results

Starting the conversation

The project has been used to start the conversation about what needs to be done to help Chile overcome some of the challenges it faces in the mining industry and to foster economic growth.


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