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Find the best way for your business to engage with CSIRO and what to expect in working with us. Let us tailor one of our proven approaches to suit your needs.

Collaborative or contract research projects

We work closely with industry to solve problems and develop innovative processes.

  • What is it:

    You engage CSIRO to work with your organisation on research projects.

  • Best when:

    You’re facing larger, longer term or more uncertain challenges that require a novel approach. These challenges might cross multiple areas or industries.

  • Who we helped:

    We worked with Xstrata Technology to find a better way to monitor the efficiency and wear of their mineral processing machines.

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Researcher placements

CSIRO is connecting knowledge to help Australian small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) grow. © CSIRO, Morgan Brown Photography

  • What is it:

    Our researchers come to work within your business.

  • Best when:

    You want a dedicated expert who can really get to know your business and help you build solutions.

  • Who we helped:

    Our researcher Michael went to work with Southern Oil Refining to help them unlock a new market for their products.

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We can pilot new processes for industry clients.

  • What is it:

    You engage CSIRO to provide technical services or advice to your organisation, based on our facilities and expert knowledge.

  • Best when:

    You need to access specialist or independent help to rapidly address specific problems.

  • Who we helped:

    Preshafood (an Australian startup) used CSIRO’s advanced food processing facilities to trial and manufacture its very first products.

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Technology licensing

Technologies such as RAFT polymerisation are available for licensing.

  • What is it:

    You use an existing CSIRO technology or solution in your business.

  • Best when:

    The relevant technology or solution is already well developed and you’re equipped to adapt it to work within your business.

  • Who we helped:

    Catapult Sports licensed CSIRO’s technology to help improve the accuracy of their athlete tracking devices.

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Additional assistance for Australian small to medium businesses

We are ready to work with Australian SMEs who want to access technical solutions and innovation to help their business grow. We make it easy to get started and we can help you access grants to bring down the cost for your business. Find out more about assistance for small to medium businesses.

What to expect from doing business with CSIRO

  • Our experienced, professional staff will suggest the best way to proceed based on your specific requirements.
  • We make it easy to get started and guide you through the process.
  • You’ll work directly with the people in CSIRO best equipped to help – and often with our scientific experts themselves.
  • If we don’t have the solution ourselves, we’ll try to connect you with funding opportunities and other experts in our broader national and global networks.


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