ON Accelerator

ON Accelerator is an intensive three month program for teams of CSIRO staff and external collaborators to develop and validate high potential innovative ventures.

ON Accelerator

The ON Accelerator is an intensive program for researchers and their collaborators to develop and validate high potential commercial opportunities.

AcceleratiON: the rapid development of our best concepts. © CSIRO, Karl Schwerdtfeger

In July 2015 CSIRO opened the ON Accelerator – a program for rapid development of our best concepts.

The ON Accelerator shortens the path to impact by concentrating commercialisation efforts in a highly structured process of market validation.

The Experience

The three month market led program has four key elements:

  • Doing: Engaging with the market to explore, validate and build the value proposition.
  • Business Model Canvas: Exploring business opportunity, creating and testing assumptions.
  • Pitching: Formulating and presenting the value proposition.
  • Running the Business: Advice and mentoring to develop and act on a commercialisation strategy.

The ON Accelerator1 Teams

  • Anonalytix: A cost effective cloud based technology providing a new approach to data anonymization.
  • Biora: A renewable chemical company making the world BPA free.
  • Cardihab: The world’s only scientifically validated, home-based, smartphone-enabled CR model of care that can be delivered by existing healthcare providers.
  • Graph Air: An environmentally friendly graphene production process that is cheaper and faster utilising a renewable biomass.
  • Sensei: A robust sensor technology; capable of measuring chemical process parameters in very harsh environments.
  • TranspiratiONal: A sprayable biodegradable polymer membrane that radically improves agricultural water use.
  • Horven Gluten-Free Barley: Out with the gluten and in with the nutrition and taste.
  • Vaximiser: A disruptive technology that radically increases vaccine production in a cost-effective manner.


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