Cohort 1

Our first ON Accelerator Cohort represented diverse fields from Agriculture, Advanced Materials, eHealth and Data Science.

  • Anonalytix

    A cost effective cloud based technology providing a new approach to data anonymisation.

  • Biora

    Renewable chemical company, making the world BPA free.

  • Cardihab

    The world’s only scientifically validated, home-based, smartphone enabled cardiac rehabilitation that can be delivered by existing healthcare providers.

  • Graph Air

    An environmentally friendly graphene production process that is cheaper and faster utilising a renewable biomass.

  • Sensei

    A robust sensor technology, capable of measuring chemical process parameters in very harsh environments.

  • TranspiratiONal

    A sprayable biodegradable polymer membrane that radically improves agricultural water use.

  • Horven Gluten-Free Barley

    Out with the gluten and in with the nutrition and taste.

  • Vaximiser

    A disruptive technology that radically increases vaccine production in a cost-effective manner.

  • WASP

    An indoor positioning technology for industry designed to save lives.


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