Horven Gluten-Free Barley

Out with the gluten and in with the nutrition and taste.


One in five people in the western world are avoiding gluten for health reasons. Unfortunately, that can sometimes mean their diets become inferior in nutrition and taste.

Horven Gluten-Free Barley provides the food and beverage industry with a palatable and healthy gluten-free barely to produce healthy and tasty options for people who are coeliac, gluten intolerant or gluten avoiding.


Phil Larkin, Katrina Spencer and Crispin Howitt. © karl schwerdtfeger photographer holds copyright over all images

Crispin Howitt : Lead CSIRO geneticist  behind the development of the barley.

Phil Larkin: CSIRO Research manager for healthy cereals.

Katrina Spencer : CSIRO Business and Development, with experience in the grains industry.

Paul Sims : CSIRO Business and Development, seconded to The Healthy Grain, a CSIRO spin-out company.

Robert Burbury : CEO for The Healthy Grain, a company that has taken healthy specialty cereal to market.

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