A cost effective cloud based technology providing a new approach to data anonymisation.


Anonalytix offers a new approach to data anonymisation by producing data sets that cannot be re-identified.

Anonalytix preserves the statistical properties of the original data for analytical uses, while reducing the risk of privacy breach. The Anonalytix approach removes costly management overheads for data sharing, and enables high quality analytical results in a range of industries.


Dr Olivier Mehani, Dr Julian Jan-Jaccard, Dr Roksana Boreli and Dr Xuyin Zhang.

Ruth Marshall, Commercial Lead/CEO : Software Engineer with multiple startup and business management experiences.

Dr Roksana Boreli, Technology Lead/CTO : Data Privacy and Security expert, with software startup experience.

Dr Olivier Mehani, Engineering Lead/CDO: Data privacy researcher with strong software development, big data and architecture skills.

Dr Julian Jang-Jaccard, Data Privacy Researcher : Special expertise in medical data.

Dr Xuyin Zhang, Data Privacy Researcher: with strong Hadoop/Spark and distributed database experience.

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