A renewable chemical company, making the world BPA free.


Biora will revolutionise FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies that are looking for sustainable packaging and material solutions providing functionality advantage.

Biora is a breakthrough natural polymer coating, designed to replace potentially harmful chemical-based coatings, like BPA (Biosphenol A). The team is designing BPA-free cans for use in the food and beverage industry, and plans to expand into the packaging modifiers and plasticisers market.


Hishani Prabaharan, Mike O'Shea, Stuart Inglis and Ben Leita.

Mike O'Shea : Research scientist and polymer and plastics expert.

Stuart Inglis: Commercialisation manager.

Lloyd Simons: Business development food & beverage, toxicology/food safety.

Hinhani Prabaharan: Intellectual Asset Management and Technology Transfer.

Ben Leita: Research chemist, renewable chemicals.

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