An indoor positioning technology for industry designed to save lives.


Currently being used in mining and athlete tracking, Wireless Ad hoc System for Positioning (WASP) has the potential to revolutionise safety in dangerous work environments such as oil and gas, drilling and processing. Even with extensive safety precautions in high risk work environments risk cannot be completely eliminated, it can however be managed.

WASP provides high risk work environments with the ability to:

  • Track movement of people or vehicles
  • Predict collisions
  • Pinpoint dangers like gas leaks
  • Direct people in emergencies

Location tracking not only improves safety for workers and creates a better work environment, it also enables businesses to verify what happened if there is an incident, reducing their exposure to liability. Greater visibility improves decision making leading to better productivity.


Justin Spangarro and Nick Marsh.

Nick Marsh: Commercialisation Manager, Commercial & Governance.

Keith Bengston: Team Leader, Data61.

Justin Spangaro: CSIRO Entrepreneur in Residence.

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