Cohort 2

Discover the 11 teams that are participating in ON Accelerator 2.

  • Hovermap

    The future of asset inspection.

  • Suricle

    Changing the face of polymers.

  • RapidAIM

    Supporting the protection and growth of global fruit and vegetable exports.

  • Enterprise Analytics

    Predictive data analytics for preventative maintenance of infrastructure assets including water pipes.

  • FutureFeed

    A natural feed additive from seaweed that dramatically reduces livestock methane and increases production. More for less with no mess!

  • elumin8

    Bringing home energy use to life, making it personable and interactive.

  • Coviu

    An online face-to-face business transaction platform.

  • Reflexivity

    When there is trust in a relationship, anything feels possible.

  • Meals by Design

    Healthy convenience never tasted so good!

  • ePAT

    Real-time pain assessment through facial recognition technology for patients that cannot verbally communicate.

  • Modular Photonics: big fast data

    Passive fibre-optic technology that significantly increases data transmission capacity.


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