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Find out how we can help your organisation deliver innovative solutions. We're working in agriculture and food, health and biosecurity, digital, energy, land and water, manufacturing, mineral resources, and oceans and atmosphere.

  • Do business with Agriculture and Food

    We are at the forefront of innovation, providing solutions for cropping, livestock production, aquaculture, horticulture and the food industry. Find out more about the opportunities to work with us.

  • Do business with Health and Biosecurity

    We collaborate with government, industry, universities and other international agencies to make a difference and protect the things we value most - the health of our people, economy, industries and environment - from biosecurity threats.

  • Do business with Data61

    We work in partnership with businesses, universities and governments. Work with us to create our data-driven future.

  • Do business with Energy

    We partner with local and global organisations to deliver energy solutions, services and research focused on sustainability and productivity.

  • Do business with Land and Water

    We partner with public, academic and private sector entities, nationally and internationally, to solve the complex challenges that arise from the demands and impacts of human activities on the environment.

  • Do business with Manufacturing

    We partner with industry to develop innovative products and processes that allow Australian manufacturers to be globally competitive and environmentally sustainable.

  • Do business with Mineral Resources

    We partner with companies large and small to provide innovative solutions for mineral resource discovery, processing, productivity and sustainability. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to tailor solutions to your specific needs.

  • Do business with Oceans and Atmosphere

    We collaborate with local and international scientists, agencies and communities to deliver high impact research outcomes using our world leading facilities and technologies.


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