Materials and infrastructure services

Our materials and infrastructure services range from fire testing and independent verification services, to acoustics and hydraulics testing. We can help you with prototyping, testing and certification for your products.

  • Access our fibre mill

    We provide research and development, consulting, testing and commission processing services to Australian and overseas wool, cotton and technical textiles and advanced materials industries.

    Primary topic: Fibres and textiles

  • Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems

    Our new Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems (CHES) in Clayton, Victoria is a state-of-the-art facility showcasing our substantial expertise and capability in integrating energy storage, renewable energy, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, fuel processing, systems design and construction.

  • Energy efficient electrical connections

    We offer consulting and training services for maximising the efficiency of high current electrical connections used in primary metal production industries.

  • Gas Processing and Conversion Research Facility

    Our Gas Processing and Conversion Research Facility is Australia's first fully automated, around-the-clock, industrially relevant gas processing research facility.

  • Physics and materials

    Our Lindfield site is one of our largest research centres. And we have now opened our doors to SMEs and start-ups looking to co-locate, collaborate and leverage our capabilities and facilities.

  • Solar cell and panel testing

    We provide measurement and consultancy services relating to the performance of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and modules, from lab testing to assess product quality through to outdoor testing and assessing real world performance and durability.

  • Acoustic testing services for buildings

    We provide a range of services to help improve the acoustic environment in buildings, optimise the acoustic behaviour of products and certify acoustic performance.

  • Coatings and plastic materials durability services

    We provide expert consultancy services in coatings and materials durability for the automotive, aerospace and building industries.

  • Facade engineering consulting and testing services

    We specialise in weather performance assessment of the building envelope in our National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited test facilities.

  • Fire Pass Product Listing scheme

    CSIRO’s Fire Pass Product Listing Scheme has been established so that members who have tested their products, components or systems with us, can have their certificates published and verified by third parties.

  • Fire safety: testing, research and certification services

    We carry out testing certification and standardisation of the reaction to fire and fire resistance of products and buildings. We also provide independent and objective fire safety engineering expertise and evaluation.

  • Hydraulic testing services for the plumbing industry

    We offer independent hydraulic testing services and special-purpose equipment designed to help you meet the standards and certification requirements of the plumbing industry.

  • Independent verification and certification services

    We provide an independent certification process for the materials and infrastructure industries. We operate approval and certification schemes for paints and coating products, painting contractors, fire detection and suppression systems and self-drilling fasteners.

  • Manufacturing engineering services

    We provide expertise in fine toolmaking, machining, precision finishing of products and hardening and grinding which can be used to develop prototype instruments.

  • Metal processing and production

    We are contributing to the renewal of traditional metal production and manufacturing industries using design, process control, cost reduction methods and modelling and simulation.

    Primary topic: Metal processing

  • Services to measure thermal conductivity and resistance

    We can measure properties such as thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of a wide range of insulating and conducting materials.

  • Slip resistance services for surfaces

    We offer a range of services to ensure slip resistance for surfaces, including testing to Australian and international standards.


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