Biology activities and experiments

Inside you, inside a shell or inside a forest - explore the insides of life with these fun biology activities and science experiments you can do at home or with your students in the classroom.

  • A-Salt on salinity

    Salinity is a huge environmental problem in Australia. Dryland salinity, which is rising salt that damages soil, plants and buildings, is hard to comprehend and harder still to stop. Approximately 5.7 million hectares are at risk of, or affected by, dryland salinity. In 50 years, it is estimated this area may increase to more than 17 million hectares.

  • Autumn leaf display

    Follow these instructions to make your own autumn leaf display and learn how to preserve leaves.

  • Backyard Bug Biodiversity

    Use the backyard bugs guide to help identify insects in your neighbourhood

  • How to make a paper DNA model

    Learn about DNA and its role in life, then grab some scissors and make your own paper DNA model.

  • Flower power

    Follow these instructions to take a peek inside a flower and learn the names of all its parts.

  • Mushroom flowers

    Follow these instructions to take a closer look at a mushroom and make pretty images using its spores.

  • Need a hand?

    Follow these instructions to learn more about how hands work. All it takes is a little cardboard and string.

  • Paper seeds

    Make a type of paper that will grow into a plant!

  • Pollen trap

    When spring is in the air, you might be able to take a closer look at pollen. Find out how with this activity.


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