Earth and space science activities and experiments

Underfoot or overhead? Get hands-on with the world and beyond.

  • How a GPS works

    Follow these instructions to make a basic GPS and create a treasure hunt for your friends.

  • Kitchen, El Nino

    Follow these instructions to create an El Niño effect in your kitchen, and learn about global weather patterns.

  • How to make a cloud in a jar

    Have you ever wondered how clouds form? Using a only a few easy to find household items this hands-on activity will show you how.

  • Make an earthquake detector

    Follow these instructions to make your own seismometer to measure movement.

  • Sedimentary crackles

    Geology is a lot easier to digest when chocolate is involved.

  • Thirsty rocks

    Follow these instructions to find out more about geology and the rocks beneath our feet.

  • Why is the sky blue

    On a clear day, the sky looks bright blue. At dusk, a sunset can show reds, pinks and oranges. Why is the sky blue? What makes the sunset red? Try this activity to find out.


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