Maths activities and experiments

These hands-on maths activities add up to sum fun for primary school students – no calculators required.

  • A tangled web string puzzle

    Grab a partner and work together to try and solve this tangled web math puzzle. A fun activity to help primary school students to learn why knots are important in mathematics.

  • Mark and recapture

    Use mark and recapture to estimate the population of Smarties in a candy bowl.

  • Math-magic pick a card trick

    It's not magic, it's math! Follow these step-by-step instructions and learn how to do the 'pick a card, any card' trick. Master the skill and then amaze your friends with your mind reading abilities.

  • Mathematical mind reading magic trick

    Follow these instructions to amaze your friends with your mind reading abilities using simple maths and a couple of tricks. A fun game to play with your friends

  • Measuring pi using a pie

    Follow these instructions to measure the constant pi using a pie and then you can eat the leftovers.

  • Making a moebius strip

    Make your own Moebius strip and learn about topology!


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