Physics activities and experiments

Balloons, rockets and rainbows are just some of the hands-on activities and experiments that make physics fantastic fun.

  • Collide a ball energy transfer physics experiment

    Use bouncing balls to demonstrate collisions and energy transfer with this simple physics experiment.

  • Coloured shadows

    Make different coloured shadows using torches and cellophane.

  • Jelly optics

    Follow these instructions to make your own jelly lenses and have fun with bending light.

  • How to make a kaleidoscope

    Grab some sand, confetti or glitter and get ready to make your own kaleidoscope. Have fun with mirrors and reflections while learning how a kaleidoscope creates beautiful patterns. A fascinating science project for all ages.

  • Light up your light bulbs

    Light up a fluorescent tube using static electricity.

  • Soap powered boat

    Make a boat that uses detergent to move through the water and learn about surface tension.

  • Top diver

    Follow these instructions to make your own pen lid diver and learn about buoyancy.

  • Wobbly balloon experiment

    Learn about gravity and air resistance as you make a balloon wobble through the air. A simple physics experiment for the classroom.


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