Human Resources

The following information illustrates the ongoing and in depth support and assistance that is provided to the teachers who participate in the program.

Teacher Professional Development Sessions

Teachers from Kingston State School.

Teacher Professional Development (TPD) consists of four two-hour-sessions.

  • Program Overview & Cultural Awareness
  • What is Inquiry?
  • Unpacking the Inquiries Part 1
  • Unpacking the Inquiries Part 2

The TPD sessions are the first step for participating teachers in the program. The sessions aim to build teacher confidence in using the teaching and learning strategy of inquiry while building their capacity in Indigenous science contexts/ways of knowing and doing.

Coordinator Planning and Class Visits

I2S2 Coordinators are available via email and phone to assist with teacher planning prior to delivering the inquiry. Coordinators also conduct class visits to ensure teachers and staff are well supported throughout the delivery of the program.

The drill stick fire starting method to create an ember for a fire

Some examples of how coordinators build teacher confidence and capacity to deliver science with an Indigenous focus are detailed below.

Class Visits

  • Modelling inquiry sessions for the teacher
  • Team teaching of inquiry sessions
  • Observation and feedback/reflection of classroom teacher led session
  • Student support – providing that extra human resource or pair of hands and eyes in the room

Native seeds being treated with a simulated controlled fire in the Year 9 Inquiry Burn and Grow

Planning Sessions

  • Teaching and assessment of the inquiry
  • Indigenous perspectives in units of work
  • Alternative assessment strategies
  • Embedding ICT into the classroom
  • Assessing science multi modally

Celebration Events

The celebration events are an opportunity for teachers, students and community members to come together and celebrate and share the learning that has occurred throughout the program.


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