Monitoring & evaluation, sustainability

During the course of this five-year project, detailed monitoring and evaluation will be undertaken to determine what works and why in Indigenous STEM education.

A detailed monitoring and evaluation component is included in the project to provide early reporting on the achievement of milestones that measure the pathway to impact, allowing for modifications to the program if required.

The proposed theory of change for the project is shown below. A theory of change is a specific and measurable description of a social change initiative. It defines all the aspects, both internal and assumptions of external contributions that are required to bring about a given long term goal – in this instance an overarching goal 'to provide supported pathways that improve the participation and achievement of Indigenous students in STEM subjects' and aspirational goal to 'increase Indigenous representation in STEM-related professions'.

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A sustainability plan, based on evidence gathered during monitoring and evaluation, will be developed to outline and pursue explicit options for the future.

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