Scope: Science television for kids

Scope is a half hour of fast, funny and informative science television for children aged 8-14 years.

Lee Constable new host of Scope © Copyright - Rob Maccoll / / +61 (0) 411 111 332

New host for Scope, Lee Constable is working hard cramming each science episode full of new and interesting scientific facts and cool experiments.

Join Lee and scope out the science all around you. It's behind the:

  • technology we use
  • food we eat
  • houses we live in
  • clothes we wear
  • medicine we take
  • bridges we cross
  • roads we travel
  • athletes who become our sporting heroes
  • health of the planet we call home. 

Leading scientists present stories about their research and discoveries in a direct-to-audience style that engages the viewer.

Episodes cover themes as diverse as extreme sport, insects, space and digital technology, presenting the basic concepts, the latest research and hands-on activities.

The Scope website provides video clips, resources and activities for use in the classroom. Students can research the ideas introduced in each episode and 'Ask Lee' for more information.

Scope is produced by Network Ten in conjunction with CSIRO and screens on ELEVEN each Saturday from 8.30am (with past episodes on Thursdays from 8am.)

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