Building teacher capacity

Further develop your capacity to deliver quality science education through our teacher professional development opportunities.

  • Register for CREST Professional Development

    We provide Australian school teachers and schools with professional development on CREST and how to implement CREST in your classroom.

    Primary topic: CREST

  • Inquire to Discover Professional Development

    The Inquire to Discover program guides teachers - via workshops and resources- through the scientific process, providing frameworks for implementing inquiry projects and learning in the classroom, for the enrichment of student inquiry, analytical thinking and collaboration skills.

  • Professional development for Sustainable Futures schools

    Registered schools receive staff training to assist in implementing the Sustainable Futures program. This program was formerly known as CarbonKids.

  • Astronomy teacher development

    Tailored to syllabus requirements, our astronomy teacher development opportunities are designed to support you in teaching your students about the wonders of the Universe.

    Primary topic: Astronomy education programs

  • Education and Outreach contacts

    Looking for a phone number or email address to contact Education and Outreach, the CSIRO Discovery Centre, or Double Helix? You'll find them here.

    Primary topic: Contacts by section


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