Building teacher capacity

Further develop your capacity to deliver quality science education through our teacher professional development opportunities.

  • Register for CREST Professional Development

    We provide Australian school teachers and schools with professional development on CREST and how to implement CREST in your classroom.

    Primary topic: CREST

  • Inquire to Discover Professional Development

    The Inquire to Discover program guides teachers - via workshops and resources- through the scientific process, providing frameworks for implementing inquiry projects and learning in the classroom, for the enrichment of student inquiry, analytical thinking and collaboration skills.

  • Professional development for Sustainable Futures

    The Sustainable Futures program helps teachers and their students understand the science behind sustainability. Our professional development workshops and digital resources provide primary and secondary teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help them integrate the cross-curriculum priority area of sustainability into their teaching and learning programs.

  • Astronomy teacher development

    Tailored to syllabus requirements, our astronomy teacher development opportunities are designed to support you in teaching your students about the wonders of the Universe.

    Primary topic: Astronomy education programs

  • Education and Outreach contacts

    Looking for a phone number or email address to contact Education and Outreach, the CSIRO Discovery Centre, or Double Helix? You'll find them here.

    Primary topic: Contacts by section


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