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Understanding the new flood of geoscience data

The exponential growth of data and the difficulty of understanding and using that data is a modern problem and one that has taken up the time of some of the world’s best minds.

CSIRO geoscientist awarded research medal

CSIRO scientist Dr Ravi Anand has been awarded the Butt Smith Medal for his outstanding contribution to geoscientific research.

Map sheds light on ocean floor

The world’s first map to show a comprehensive summary of known offshore mineral occurrences has been released for Australia’s vast marine jurisdiction.

An in-depth look at water in exploration and mining

The newly-released July/August edition of earthmatters, the magazine of CSIRO Exploration & Mining, takes a fresh look at how the industry is living and working with water.

Jenolan Caves 340 million years old: study

Cave-dating research published by Australian geologists has found that the Jenolan Caves, in central NSW, are the world’s oldest discovered open caves.

The Midas Bug - the bacterial alchemy of gold

Bacteria play an important role in the formation of gold nuggets in Australia according to new research published this month in the international journal, Science today.

CSIRO reveals how continents can break apart

A paper co-authored by CSIRO’s Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb and published in Nature today reveals new information on the strength of continents and how they can split apart.

Savings for miners in the pipeline

CSIRO has announced that it will work with Queensland specialist pipe manufacturer, AC Whalan, to develop a new fibreglass pressure piping system to be used in the mining industry.  

Miners with a nose for rocket science

The CSIRO has been called in to design and manufacture a critical component for the HyShot scramjet test program.

208Sirovision CExM MedRelTsr

A team from CSIRO Exploration & Mining has won the national finals of the Enterprise Development Institute of Australia Enterprise Workshop Program.

195Sirovisionteam CExM MedRelTsr

The Achaeus Group Enterprise Workshop Business Award in Queensland has been won by a CSIRO team from Brisbane's Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies.

222Seafloor CExM MedRelTsr

The historic announcement of a new seafloor minerals initiative by Mining Company Placer Dome after it reached an agreement with Nautilus Minerals on its PNG tenements, is the next logical step in a chain of events that began with a mammoth research effort over almost 20 years by CSIRO Exploration & Mining.

Petroleum geoscience: Sensors

CSIRO’s sensors team combines cross-disciplinary capabilities with extensive experience in emerging sensing technologies and nanotechnology to gain a detailed understanding of sensing devices and their possible application within the oil and gas sector. (2 pages)

56IvanCole CExM MedRelTsr

A team of Australian materials engineers has won the prestigious UK Institute of Materials Minerals & Mining, Guy Bengough Award (2004), for their outstanding contribution to the subject of corrosion.

42CopperZinc CExM MedRelTsr

Does the Yilgarn Craton, the 500,000 square kilometres of desert encircling Kalgoorlie, host a 100 million tonne copper-zinc deposit? CSIRO Exploration and Mining is forming a team of crack scientists that brings together a new range of disciplines and technologies, to provide the answer.

62R2D3 CPR MedRelTsr

Three leading research institutions and Australia's largest publicly listed oil and gas company have signed an agreement to foster the creation of a world-class energy research centre based in Perth.

148Earthmattersmag CExM MedRelTsr

Innovative CSIRO research is helping mining companies work with the community to monitor and protect the environment

121WAERA CPR MedRelTsr

A $A20 million grant to the Western Australian Energy Alliance (WA ERA) under the State Government's major research facilities program will be a critical part of Western Australia's future development, Premier Geoff Gallop said today.

119Earthmatters CExM MedRelTsr

CSIRO's HyLogging system, which has the potential to revolutionise the collection of data in mineral exploration, is being further developed in conjunction with government and industry partners.

154RockArt CExM MedRelTsr

Space-age technologies developed by CSIRO and Murdoch University are being used to monitor Aboriginal rock art on Western Australia's Burrup Peninsula for signs of damage which could be caused by industrial emissions.

186Visualisation CExM MedRelTsr

A leading expert in the application of high performance computing and computer simulation technologies, Dr Andrew Rohl, has been appointed Director of the Western Australian Interactive Virtual Environments Centre (IVEC) in Perth.

176Buttsmith CExM MedRelTsr

Perth geoscientist, Richard Mazzucchelli, whose frontier research directly contributed to successful exploration programs for nickel, gold and copper, is the winner of the inaugural Butt Smith Medal.

175gecko CExM MedRelTsr

A team of CSIRO and BHPBIO scientists has been awarded a major environmental award - the WA Department of Industry and Resources' Golden Gecko Award - for developing a new method for measuring the extent of iron ore dust from mines and other industrial sites.

CO2Well: modelling the flow of carbon dioxide in injection wells

CO2Well is a model which simulates carbon dioxide flow to predict injection rates for the geological storage of carbon dioxide. (2 pages)

Report: ACARP project C15037, Tool for rapid and consistent capture of drill core observations

The report ACARP project C15037 Tool for rapid and consistent capture of drill core observations is the final report on a project delivering a software toolkit for geologists that allows logging of geological and geotechnical information directly from a scaled image.

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