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Petroleum geoscience: Organic and isotope geochemistry

The organic and isotope geochemistry group conducts research into issues related to exploration and production of petroleum. (2 pages)

PressurePlot™ oil and gas software demonstration

PressurePlot™ has been developed specifically to analyse formation data on a single well or multi-well basis. Download the PDF demonstration. (27 pages)

Petroleum geoscience: Strontium isotope stratigraphy

CSIRO’s carbonate geology and regional stratigraphy group has capabilities in strontium isotope stratigraphy, a high resolution chronostratigraphic tool to facilitate the discovery of petroleum reservoirs. (2 pages)

The SHARC consortium: a proposal

Industry participation is being sought in a joint industry project aimed at improving the understanding of shale behaviour. (20 pages)

176Buttsmith CExM MedRelTsr

Perth geoscientist, Richard Mazzucchelli, whose frontier research directly contributed to successful exploration programs for nickel, gold and copper, is the winner of the inaugural Butt Smith Medal.

CSIRO petroleum and geothermal research

This 8-page brochure showcases CSIRO's contribution to petroleum and geothermal research and development.

CAF Working Paper 3: A framework for stakeholder engagement on climate adaptation

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper outlines best practice methods for engaging with stakeholders on the issue of climate adaptation. (32 pages)

Compact gas-liquid separation system

This brochure describes the development of new technologies for compact gas-liquid separator for downhole and subsea gas production for cost effectively commercialising these assets. (2 pages)

208Sirovision CExM MedRelTsr

A team from CSIRO Exploration & Mining has won the national finals of the Enterprise Development Institute of Australia Enterprise Workshop Program.

222Seafloor CExM MedRelTsr

The historic announcement of a new seafloor minerals initiative by Mining Company Placer Dome after it reached an agreement with Nautilus Minerals on its PNG tenements, is the next logical step in a chain of events that began with a mammoth research effort over almost 20 years by CSIRO Exploration & Mining.

Australian Resources Research Centre: Perth, Western Australia

A leading research centre where scientists can interact, exchange information and explore new ideas in partnership with industry to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our resources industries, our environment and our way of life.

Petroleum geoscience: Hydrodynamics

CSIRO’s capabilities in petroleum hydrogeology are applied to industry challenges including fault and top seal capacity for oil, gas and CO2 hydrocarbon migration, depletion studies, geological storage of CO2, submarine groundwater discharge and geothermal energy. (2 pages)

PressureDB™ database statistics

PressureDB™ is the only formation pressure database of it's kind in Australia. Download information on the wells and data in the database. (34 pages)

Simulation of coastal subsidence and storm wave inundation risk in the Gippsland Basin

This study has produced a coastal inundation risk map for the Gippsland Basin. (96 pages)

56IvanCole CExM MedRelTsr

A team of Australian materials engineers has won the prestigious UK Institute of Materials Minerals & Mining, Guy Bengough Award (2004), for their outstanding contribution to the subject of corrosion.

62R2D3 CPR MedRelTsr

Three leading research institutions and Australia's largest publicly listed oil and gas company have signed an agreement to foster the creation of a world-class energy research centre based in Perth.

Case Study of the Carson CCS Project

This 29-page report is one of a series of case study reports undertaken as part of an international comparison of communication and engagement practices surrounding carbon dioxide capture and storage projects.

175gecko CExM MedRelTsr

A team of CSIRO and BHPBIO scientists has been awarded a major environmental award - the WA Department of Industry and Resources' Golden Gecko Award - for developing a new method for measuring the extent of iron ore dust from mines and other industrial sites.

42CopperZinc CExM MedRelTsr

Does the Yilgarn Craton, the 500,000 square kilometres of desert encircling Kalgoorlie, host a 100 million tonne copper-zinc deposit? CSIRO Exploration and Mining is forming a team of crack scientists that brings together a new range of disciplines and technologies, to provide the answer.

Potential of geothermal energy in Australia

Australia has vast untapped geothermal energy resources. This report, commissioned for the Garnaut Climate Change Review 2011 Update, provides an overview of the current status of geothermal energy technology in Australia and opportunities for innovation to lead to lower costs of energy production from this resource (28 pages).

154RockArt CExM MedRelTsr

Space-age technologies developed by CSIRO and Murdoch University are being used to monitor Aboriginal rock art on Western Australia's Burrup Peninsula for signs of damage which could be caused by industrial emissions.

What do Australians think about climate change?

CSIRO report looking at the current beliefs and perceptions held by the Australian public about the issue of climate change. (68 pages)

Maine's Power project fact sheet

In a major step towards becoming a green community, commercial energy users in Victoria’s Castlemaine district have begun work on an innovative project to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

earthmatters magazine: issue 5

How explorers can take a new look at old ground is shown in the June 2004 edition of earthmatters magazine. (20 pages)

earthmatters magazine: issue 21

The November/December edition of CSIRO Exploration and Mining’s earthmatters magazine looks at how advances in high-performance computing are helping to improve, and even revolutionise the way CSIRO solves problems in the resources industry. (20 pages)

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