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Anna Littleboy: Theme Leader, Australia's mineral futures

Anna Littleboy has led CSIRO’s research into the impacts of sustainable development on the resources industry for over five years.

New processing method to deliver huge benefits to global nickel industry

An environmentally friendly processing method that uses and recycles nitric acid could unlock 70 per cent of the world’s nickel supply.

Dr Carsten Laukamp: mapping minerals in three dimensions

Research geoscientist Dr Carsten Laukamp is demonstrating the application of spectral technologies in mineral exploration.

Metal production

Our researchers are investigating how to make the metal production industry more sustainable

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Mining and online analysis

Our researchers have expertise in automation, saftey, and online analysis


Our research in mineral processing includes fluid process modelling, high temperature processing, hydrometallurgy, materials characterisation, processing and agglomeration, and process engineering


Our researchers in mineral exploration have expertise in many areas including geochemistry, geophysics, 3D mineral mapping, geoscience data infrastructure and modelling

Perth established as one of world's top five geothermal cities

Funding for a major Australian geothermal project and establishing Perth as one of the world’s top five 'geothermal cities' were celebrated as some of the major achievements of the Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence (WAGCOE), at its successful conclusion today.

Ms Talia Jeanneret: exploring public perceptions of low emission energy technologies

Ms Talia Jeanneret applies a range of social research methods to explore public attitudes towards climate change and low emission energy technologies.

Dr Nina Lansbury Hall: energy use and climate change

Dr Nina Hall is a social researcher helping low-income Australians to more efficiently use energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money on their energy bills, and increase their wellbeing through more comfortable heating and cooling.

Dr Barton Loechel: exploring mining industry and community adaptation to climate change

Dr Barton Loechel is social researcher investigating the vulnerability and adaptive capacity of mining industries and communities to climate change.

Sydney: North Ryde, NSW (CSIRO North Ryde)

CSIRO's North Ryde site is in the heart of Sydney's hi-tech hub and near Macquarie University. More than 500 staff members work in mining, food, manufacturing, sustainability, health, petroleum and more.

Robocop maintains order in oil wells

CSIRO has developed an autonomous, self powering, energy efficient, wireless downhole robot to check that all is well down oil wells. The robot travels through all or part of an oil well, measuring important production variables such as temperature, pressure, flow rate at specific locations and times. This information is essential for petroleum companies to maximise their production and determine if there are any potential problems down the well. Amongst its many features, the robot also has its own smart energy system which allows it to be mostly self powering and operate on minimal energy.

Careers at CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering

Whether you are in the early stages of your career or an experienced professional, CSIRO can further enhance your expertise in research and development plus gain commercial exposure.

Dr Alan Yusen Ley-Cooper: airborne and ground electromagnetics

Dr Alan Yusen Ley-Cooper is a research scientist who specialises in airborne and ground electromagnetics.

Paul Wilkes: geophysics and geothermal exploration

Paul Wilkes is a research geophysicist who works on a variety of projects for geothermal exploration, minerals and water

Dr David Annetts: forward and inverse electromagnetic modelling for geophysical exploration

Dr David Annetts is a geophysicist who researches applications of forward and inverse electromagnetic modelling for geophysical exploration

Dr Aaron Davis: Modelling and inversion for geophysical exploration of groundwater and minerals

Dr Aaron Davis is a geophysicist whose fieldwork is currently concentrated in South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia.

Dr Zhejun Pan: understanding gas flow and storage in coal seam reservoirs

Dr Zhejun Pan is working to understand unconventional gas reservoir behaviour and developing simulators used to investigate the relationships between reservoir properties.

Dr Rob Hough: Theme Leader, Discovering Australia's mineral resources

Dr Rob Hough is a geologist and mineralogist who has studied the formation of natural gold nuggets to understand how gold deposits form.

Coal characterisation

Coal grain analysis information is providing a better understanding of the coal performance in existing applications, such as coke making and conventional power generation.

Dr Patrick Hartley: helping to secure a clean, reliable and wealth-creating energy future

Dr Patrick Hartley is leading research that aims to address Australia's challenge of shifting towards a low carbon energy future.

Diesel designs cut health risk

CSIRO researchers are developing technologies to improve the health and safety of mine workers by reducing their exposure to damaging particulates.

Extracting knowledge from complex datasets

SiroSOM identifies relationships within large and diverse datasets typical in the geosciences and is also an effective predictive tool.

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