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Argon dating meets exploration challenges

Successful exploration relies on knowledge of basin formation and thermal history of sedimentary rock and hydrocarbon migration. CSIRO’s argon dating services can help petroleum companies better determine potential locations for drilling petroleum wells.

Ms Anne-Maree Dowd: understanding public perceptions to assist in climate mitigation

Ms Anne-Maree Dowd is an applied research expert in climate change mitigation, adaptation, behaviour change, public perception, community engagement, organisational behaviour and communication.

Dr Andrew King: improving mine safety with microseismics

CSIRO geophysicist Dr Andrew King is using microseismics to improve mine safety by monitoring and classifying fracture events and predicting roof failure in mines.

Mr Amir Aryana: exploring for business ventures

CSIRO's Petroleum and Geothermal Research portfolio has a commitment to both strategic and pre-commercial research based on key industry priorities with both these goals nurtured by a business development team.

Ms Allison Hortle: researching petroleum hydrogeology at CSIRO

Ms Allison Hortle is a research scientist at CSIRO with experience and expertise in petroleum hydrogeology, coalbed methane, aquifer depletion and CO2 geological storage.

Mr Affonso Lourenco: delivering assurance to gas pipeline flow

Research scientist Mr Affonso Lourenco is taking a lead to tackle problems affecting pipeline flow assurance and drilling of natural gas.

Fluid history analysis team receive 2005 CSIRO research achievement medal

The Fluid History Analysis team was awarded for developing six techniques that reveal the step-wise fill history of petroleum reservoirs.

New centre makes geothermal cities a hot prospect

A new research centre dedicated to developing technologies designed to help establish sustainable, low-emission, geothermal cities, was launched in Perth today by the Western Australian Minister for Mines and Petroleum, the Hon Norman Moore.

Take the lead on energy and climate change in your community

A new community project is offering South Australian residents the opportunity to tackle issues around climate change and help people reduce their carbon footprint.

Going global to gauge greenhouse gas behaviour

CSIRO scientist Dr Martin Leahy has been honoured for his work in carbon dioxide storage technologies, receiving a Victorian Fellowship award and an Australian French Association for Science and Technology (AFAS) FEAST-France Fellowship top up.

CSIRO takes kitchen table climate change talk global

CSIRO research into community attitudes towards climate change and energy will take to the world stage today at the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change in Copenhagen.

CSIRO contributes to large gas discovery in PNG

CSIRO scientists have successfully helped oil and gas company InterOil discover significant amounts of natural gas in Papua New Guinea.

Eickhoff mining machinery gains CSIRO automation

CSIRO has signed a licensing agreement with Eickhoff Australia Pty Ltd under which the company has access to the world’s leading longwall mining automation technology.

Making coal mining safer, more efficient and greener

CSIRO’s efforts to help the Australian coal industry improve safety and efficiency and reduce its environmental impact received a boost this week with the allocation of more than A$3 million in funding from the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP).

CSIRO strengthens scientific relationship with China

CSIRO Exploration & Mining has signed an historic Relationship Agreement with the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT).

Australian longwall manufacturer gets R&D boost

Australian longwall equipment supplier, Inbye Mining Services, has gained access to longwall automation technology developed by CSIRO.

CSIRO technology helps China strike oil

CSIRO technologies are helping petroleum companies improve their exploration methods not only in Australia but worldwide. Chinese petroleum companies, including PetroChina, China’s largest oil and gas producer use CSIRO technologies to improve predictions on the presence and quantity of oil to reduce the risk of drilling dry wells.

Improved satellite navigation for remote areas

CSIRO scientists with the Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship are working closely with industry and government to develop vastly improved navigation technology for remote areas.

Active submarine volcanoes found near Fiji

Several huge active submarine volcanoes, spreading ridges and rift zones have been discovered northeast of Fiji by a team of Australian and American scientists aboard the Marine National Facility Research Vessel, Southern Surveyor.

CSIRO reports on seafloor mining

The environmental, economic, regulatory and social issues raised as a result of the mining industry’s increasing interest in extracting rich deposits of minerals from Australia’s seafloor are discussed in a new report launched today in Sydney by the Director of CSIRO’s Wealth from Oceans National Research Flagship, Dr Kate Wilson.

New facility boosts gas hydrates research

A new flow loop commissioned by CSIRO will help researchers find solutions to predict and control gas hydrates formation in offshore oil and gas production pipelines.

Exploration scientist joins the NASA space race

CSIRO and NASA are collaborating to develop exploration technologies currently used by the Australian minerals industry, for use on the Moon and Mars

Using bacteria to develop cleaner energy

CSIRO scientists are investigating whether injecting coal seams with certain kinds of bacteria and carbon dioxide can produce commercially viable quantities of methane gas.

QCAT Research Precinct reduces water use by 75%

CSIRO’s Queensland Centre for Advanced Technology (QCAT) has achieved a 75 per cent saving in its annual water usage compared to pre-water restriction levels.

Strategic Alliance strengthens energy research

Research into oil and gas exploration and production and wider energy technologies has received a funding boost following the signing of a Strategic Alliance Agreement between CSIRO and Petronas, the national petroleum company of Malaysia.

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