CSIRO Social Scientist, Dr Liz Hobman.

Dr Liz Hobman: understanding individual, group and organisational behaviour

Dr Liz Hobman is an Organisational Psychologist working with the Energy Transformed Flagship and the Human Services Delivery Research Alliance between CSIRO and Centrelink/DHS.

  • 28 July 2011 | Updated 14 October 2011

Current Activities

Dr Hobman is part of the Science into Society team and currently involved in two research projects. The first project explores societal uptake of new energy initiatives. The second explores the social value achieved through welfare service delivery. Read more about the Human Services Delivery Research Alliance.

Academic Qualifications

Dr Hobman has a Bachelor of Science, with Honours in Psychology and a Doctor of Philosophy, both from the University of Queensland.


Dr Hobman has 13 publications in peer reviewed journals. She has coordinated a state-wide Australia Reserach Council (ARC) Linkage Project with Workplace Health and Safety to develop a risk management tool to identify the risks for psychological injury in the workplace. She has authored more than 50 technical reports.

Liz has received the following awards:

  • University of Queensland Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Australian Postgraduate Award

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