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Land and Water Seminar Series Adelaide

CSIRO Land and Water free public seminars in Adelaide.

Precision Agriculture: profiting from variation

CSIRO's Precision Agriculture research is helping farmers understand and benefit from landscape variation.

Ms Josie Douglas: undertaking cross-cultural and social science research

Ms Josie Douglas' research aims to understand how Indigenous Ecological Knowledge is acquired and transmitted in contemporary contexts.

Dr Steve Morton: expert in arid-zone sustainability

Dr Steve Morton is a research scientist and manager with a background in arid zone ecology and sustainable development.

Crops ready for a different future climate

CSIRO has studied traits of wheat, sorghum and sugarcane varieties better able to cope with anticipated future climate conditions.

The Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) Seasons Calendar

Members of the Gulumoerrgin language group worked with CSIRO staff to document and compile their Indigenous seasonal knowledge into a calendar.

Ms Liana Williams: understanding household livelihoods and rural development

Ms Liana Williams is a human geographer examining processes of change and transition across Asia to support improved development interventions.

Mr Eric Vanderduys: surveying Australia's wildlife

Mr Eric Vanderduys is working on projects designed to determine key drivers of vertebrate ecology across North Queensland savannas.

Robson Creek Rainforest Research

Australia’s first large-scale rainforest research plot in North Queensland will allow scientists to monitor the rainforest over the long term and answer questions about the health of this highly biodiverse Australian ecosystem.

Climate Change: Science and Solutions for Australia

Climate Change: Science and Solutions for Australia provides the latest scientific knowledge as at 2011 on a series of climate change topics relevant to Australia and the world. It draws on peer-reviewed literature contributed to by thousands of researchers. Available as a free eBook.

Biodiversity Profiling: Components of a continental biodiversity information capability

This study explores key components for developing a national biodiversity monitoring capability.

Smallholder ADOPT download form

ADOPT is helping research organisations and others increase their understanding of the factors that influence agricultural innovations being adopted.

Ecosystem Sciences PhD program

The PhD program at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences offers university students an opportunity to conduct research with leaders in science.

CSIRO Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre: ant reference collection

The CSIRO Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre (TERC) in Darwin in the Northern Territory holds the world’s most extensive collection of Australian ants.

Dr Ken Hodgkinson: researching critical thresholds for managing plant communities in rangeland ecosystems

Dr Ken Hodgkinson is an internationally experienced scientist working on the biology of plants and the ecology of plant communities in rangeland ecosystems.

Atlas of Living Australia celebrates 40 million milestone

How many amphibians, arthropods or protozoa are living in your backyard? With over 40 million specimen records now available online in one location, you can find out!

ADOPT: a tool to explore and inform how farmers might take up agricultural innovations

ADOPT is helping research organisations and others increase their understanding of the factors influencing the adoption of agricultural innovations.

Developed country ADOPT download form

ADOPT is helping research organisations and others increase their understanding of the factors that influence agricultural innovations being adopted.

Dr Ryan McAllister: people, the environment, and policy

Dr Ryan McAllister studies how human behaviour interacts with our natural and built environments.

Dr Darla Hatton MacDonald: natural resource economist

Through the application of economic principles, Dr Darla Hatton McDonald's research on the value of natural resources aids decision-making by establishing a link between human preferences, human behaviour and the bio-physical or built environments.

Dr George Quezada: catalysing a new urbanism

Dr George Quezada applies innovation process theory to major urban challenges.

Dr Aditi Mankad: psycho-social analysis of urban water use and water culture

Dr Aditi Mankad is working to inform water stakeholders of the key social drivers impacting decentralised water use.

SEED Working Paper 11: Institutions, motivations and public goods: theory, evidence and implications for environmental policy

This 30-page paper is Working Paper 2008-01 in the Socio-Economics and the Environment in Discussion (SEED) working paper series. The SEED CSIRO Working Paper Series aims to bring together environmental socio-economic research from across CSIRO.

World Water Week 2013: Water cooperation - building partnerships

This week, 1-6 September 2013, is World Water Week and this year the theme is water cooperation – building partnerships.

Australian Tropical Sciences and Innovation Precinct - Townsville, Qld

CSIRO and James Cook University (JCU) are working together, creating a world class research hub at the Australian Tropical Sciences and Innovation Precinct (ATSIP) at JCU's Townsville campus.

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