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Dr Gunjan Pandey: exploring and exploiting microbes for bioremediation

Dr Gunjan Pandey is leading a team who are researching biodegradation, biotransformation, and biocatalysis, with emphasis on discovering and developing commercially viable enzymes for pesticide detoxification.

Dr Nadine Marshall: working with industry to improve natural resource management

Dr Nadine Marshall works as a social scientist on natural resource management issues to maximise conservation goals and minimise associated social impacts.

Dr Cathy Robinson: focuses on cross-cultural and regional planning in Northern Australia

Dr Cathy Robinson is a geographer who studies decentralised environmental governance systems, with a focus on cross-cultural and regional planning arrangements in Northern Australia.

Bees are the new silkworms

Moths and butterflies, particularly silkworms, are well known producers of silk. And we all know spiders use it for their webs. But they are not the only invertebrates who make use of the strength and versatility of silk.

Biological control – a natural solution in the war on weeds

Published by CSIRO Publishing, Biological Control of Weeds in Australia provides a comprehensive review of the biological control activities undertaken against weeds in Australia over the last 100 years.

Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture

CSIRO and James Cook University have a strategic alliance known as the Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture (TLJV) to facilitate collaborative research between these two world-class organisations.

Dr Leo Joseph: investigating the evolution of Australian birds

Dr Leo Joseph is the Director and research leader of the Australian National Wildlife Collection.

Canberra: Crace, ACT (Gungahlin Homestead)

The Gungahlin Homestead located at Crace in the Australian Capital Territory, is an historic site in the north of Canberra that now serves as one of the main sites for CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences.

Taking the guess-work out of choosing good wine

Enjoying a good wine is one of the pleasures of life and part of that enjoyment is its bouquet. Imagine, then, how important the ability to distinguish both the good and bad odours in wine is to winemakers.

Mr Yong Bing Khoo: software architectural design to solve real problems

Mr Yong Bing Khoo is a computer scientist who designs and develops web applications, standalone applications and databases with a focus on the user interface, graphics and documentation.

Dr Wendy Proctor: enhancing environmental management

Dr Proctor's main research interest is in decision analysis and particularly in the application of participatory methods to enhance environmental management.

Seed dispersal science used to combat weed invasions

In a scientific first, ecologists are applying their understanding of native rainforest seed dispersal to predict where and how the seeds of invasive weeds will spread across the landscape.

Researching water use efficiency for increased grain yield

CSIRO is working with research partners on the Grains Research and Development Corporation's (GRDC) new initiative to improve the water use efficiency (WUE) of grain-based farming systems.

Mrs Vanessa Chewings: developing information systems for desert Australia

Research contributing to improved information systems for desert Australia in areas of tourism, sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity.

Sustainable urban infrastructure

CSIRO's urban infrastructure research skills and capabilities are focused on enhancing whole-of-life built environment performance while reducing our ecological footprint.  

Understanding urban ecosystems

CSIRO researchers are quantifying at as fine a scale as necessary the dynamic ecological processes such as the movement of water and nutrients through urban ecosystems to see how these processes affect and are affected by structure as manifested by vegetation, both ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’ and the complex interplay of vegetation with other biodiversity values.

Understanding forests and climate change

CSIRO’s understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on natural and planted forests is helping forestry and natural resource managers prepare for the future.

Exploring a sustainable future for the Upper Ovens Valley

CSIRO scientists, Regional Development Victoria, local government and local residents have explored together possible sustainable futures for the Upper Ovens Valley, in North East Victoria.

Dr Tony Arthur: exploring interactions between biodiversity and production

Dr Tony Arthur translates ecological principles into practical outcomes for sustainable production.

Dr Toni Darbas: analysing the social dimensions of NRM and farming innovations

Dr Darbas analyses the social and cognitive aspects of why farmers adopt agronomic and natural resource management innovations.

Dr Tommy Wiedmann: applying input-output analysis in the context of sustainable consumption and production

Dr Tommy Wiedmann develops and applies models for integrated sustainability and scenario analysis to inform research and policies for a low carbon society and sustainable consumption and production.

Dr Tira Foran: analysing decision making around sustainable development

Dr Tira Foran works with CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, where he studies social change around energy and resource use. He is a specialist in governance of hydropower and electricity planning in mainland southeast Asia.

Dr Tom Harwood: Spatial modelling for biodiversity conservation

Dr Tom Harwood works in the Macroecological Modelling Team, developing novel approaches to the analysis of national and international scale grid based biodiversity and climate change data.

The bioeconomy

The bioeconomy is an emerging term for the sustainable production and conversion of biomass for a range of food, health, fibre and industrial products and energy.

Dr Tanya Jakimow: livelihoods and institutions in international development

Dr Tanya Jakimow is an anthropologist of development, examining formal and informal institutions in the context of Asian development.

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