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Dr Andrew J King: Soil Microbial Ecology in Human-Impacted Native Ecosystems

Dr King studies the interactions between soil organisms, plants, and ecosystem nutrient cycles.

Building better biodiversity (Podcast 21 Jul 2009)

A new biodiversity research team of over 100 scientists is being developed by CSIRO to help halt biodiversity decline and strike a balance between human development and conservation. (4:47)

Jon Schatz: Technical Officer with CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Jon has more than 13 years of agricultural and ecological research experience in the Top End and supports work on the dynamics and management of north Australian environments.

Dr Jane Addison

With a background in natural resource management, Dr Jane Addison is working to improve social and environmental outcomes in the world’s drylands.

Dr Helen Murphy: understanding tropical forest dynamics and threats

Dr Helen Murphy is interested in the dynamics of tropical forests and the role of invasive species and climate change in their structure and functioning.

Dr Belinda Stummer: Managing soil-borne microbial communities in plant production systems

Dr Belinda Stummer is researching the functional ecology of soil-borne microbes and understanding their roles in suppressing disease and improving plant growth.

Dr Chris Pavey: researching impacts of threats and developing management options for biodiversity

Dr Pavey: Researching impacts of threats and developing management options for biodiversity.

Dr Lisa Brennan McKellar: Senior Research Scientist

With a research background in agricultural and natural resource economics, Dr Lisa Brennan McKellar is concerned with issues of economic and environmental sustainability.

Dr Justine Murray: integrating spatial and ecological concepts

Dr Justine Murray integrates spatial and ecological concepts into process-based models of natural and managed systems.

Dr David Westcott: rainforest ecologist

Dr Westcott studies animal movement and is particularly interested in its consequences for ecosystem processes and management.

Dr Dan Metcalfe: improving ecology in natural and agricultural systems

Dr Dan Metcalfe leads a group of researchers concerned with addressing the ecological underpinnings of the big sustainability science questions facing Australia and its region.

Dr Iadine Chadès: making good conservation decisions under uncertainty

With a background in artificial intelligence and optimisation, Dr Chadès research provides informed guidance to managers on how to make decisions under uncertainty in the most efficient way.

Dr. Vadakattu Gupta: researching functional microbial ecology for agricultural and environmental benefit

Dr. Gupta is researching on soil microbial function and diversity to enhance crop productivity and resilience of ecosystem health.

Mr Gary Bastin, monitoring rangeland condition

Mr Gary Bastin is a rangeland ecologist with experience in analysing disparate data sets to report change in Australia’s rangelands. He has considerable experience in rangeland monitoring using remote sensing and field-based methods, and has also investigated carbon dynamics in the rangelands.

Dr Garry Cook: tropical savanna ecology and management

Dr Garry Cook has more than 25 years experience in researching the sustainable management of tropical savanna landscapes, with an emphasis on the role of fire in savanna dynamics and landscape processes.

Dr Erik Doerr: studying behavioural processes to explain landscape-scale patterns

Dr Erik Doerr researches the interactions between animal behaviour and landscape structure to facilitate better management, restoration, and monitoring of biodiversity in multiple-use landscapes.

Dr Bruce Webber: exploring the impacts of global change on plants

Dr Bruce Webber: exploring the impacts of global change on plants

Dr Ben Hoffmann: applied ant ecology in northern Australia

Ant ecologist Dr Ben Hoffmann's research focuses on the invasive ecology and management of pest ants, the disturbance ecology of native ant communities and the use of ants as bio-indicators for sustainable land management

Social and cultural values of water in Darwin’s rural area

CSIRO conducted community research to explore the value of water in the Howard River area given the increasing demand for water from Darwin residents and the surrounding rural properties.

Dr Chris Hardy: researching ecogenomics

Dr Chris Hardy is applying advanced molecular techniques to better understand biological complexity at environmentally meaningful scales.

Cairns: Australian Tropical Forest Institute

CSIRO Cairns is co-located with James Cook University (JCU) and provides a unique centre for tropical sustainability science.

Dr Alan Andersen: Darwin Site Leader

Dr Andersen leads CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences Tropical Savannas research in Darwin, and has specialist expertise in ant biodiversity and fire ecology.

Farming Ahead: CSIRO and related articles from 2010

Farming Ahead magazine regularly features CSIRO's research for the agricultural sector. This is a list of CSIRO articles published in the magazine throughout 2010.

Integrated Natural Resource Management Science: a joint CSIRO and UQ PhD Program

CSIRO, and The University of Queensland have established the Integrated Natural Resource Management PhD Program, a scholarship program for students undertaking postgraduate studies where the focus of their research is integrated natural resource management science.

Cyclones, droughts and floods

Learn how our research helps understand the causes and impacts of natural disasters.

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