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Dr John Roberts: managing pests and diseases of honeybees

Dr John Roberts: managing pests and diseases of honeybees

Dr Andrew Johnson: Group Executive, Environment

Dr Andrew Johnson is a leader of environment and sustainability-related research at CSIRO and a member of the Executive Team.

Bushfire Research

CSIRO bushfire research is improving the understanding of fire, and improving technologies and strategies to save lives and limit damage.

DFAT - CSIRO Research for Development Alliance

The DFAT - CSIRO Alliance is a strategic partnership that aims to improve the impact of aid. The Alliance unites DFAT’s depth of experience in development assistance with CSIRO’s strength in research into complex problems that cross scales and sectors.

National Invertebrate Pest Initiative (NIPI)

The National Invertebrate Pest Initiative (NIPI) brings together Australian scientists from State Departments, Universities, growers and CSIRO to improve pest management in Australian grain crops.

Our resilient coastal Australia

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship is providing Australia's governments, industries and communities with the scientific knowledge, tools and approaches to make wise decisions about our uses of coastal environments.

Dr Tom Walsh: researching genetic resistance to pesticides among insect pests

Dr Walsh's research looks at genetic resistance among agricultural insect pests to pesticides and Bt toxins and the implications of resistance spreading.

Precision Agriculture: Variable-Rate Technology (VRT)

CSIRO’s research in Precision Agriculture is addressing key challenges in a range of farming systems, including viticulture, broadacre cropping, dairy and sugar farming.

Dr Yiheyis Maru: regional systems resilience and sustainablility analyses

Dr Maru is undertaking research to develop innovative solutions to persistent problems in food insecurity, poverty and disadvantage in the context of climate change and other resilience and sustainability challenges.

Dr Veronica Doerr: planning for landscapes that support native species and people

Dr Veronica Doerr: planning for landscapes that support native species and people.

Dr Tara Martin: making good ecological predictions and conservation decisions

Dr Tara Martin is an ecologist who specialises in the optimal allocation of conservation resources and understanding and predicting the impacts of land use and climate change on the natural ecosystem using novel statistical and mathematical methods.

Dr Saul Cunningham: managing diverse landscapes for environmental and agricultural benefit

Dr Saul Cunningham is researching how insect communities can be managed to benefit agricultural production and biodiversity conservation.

Dr Matthew Colloff: researching ecosystem functions and services

Dr Matthew Colloff: researching ecosystem functions and services

Dr Marianne Horak: classifying Australian butterflies and moths

Dr Marianne Horak studies the systematics, phylogeny and biology of Australian Lepidoptera, especially the economically important Olethreutinae and Phycitinae sub-families.

Dr John K Scott: researching biocontrol, climate change and Mediterranean weeds

Dr John K Scott is protecting Australia's Mediterranean climate regions through research on the biological control of invasive weed species.

Dr Ian Watson: sustainable development of northern Australia and agricultural intensification in the tropical world

Dr Ian Watson applies his rangeland and agricultural knowledge to look for opportunities for sustainable development of Australia’s north.

Dr Geoff Baker: developing management strategies for pest & beneficial invertebrates

Dr Geoff Baker; developing management strategies for pest & beneficial invertebrates

Dr Fiona Walsh: understanding indigenous culture and 'country'

Dr Fiona Walsh works amongst Aboriginal and other Australian peoples to improve cultural and biological diversity and natural resource management.

Dr Anna Richards: understanding soil carbon sequestration in Australia’s tropical savannas

As a soil and plant ecologist, Dr Richards’s research focuses on below-ground carbon fluxes in tropical savanna ecosystems and the impact of different disturbances, such as fire, on carbon dynamics.

Biosecurity and invasive species

We have a history of biological control successes and our scientists are using their expertise to find more natural enemies of introduced weeds.

Managing recovery: tools for sustainable grazing in the Burdekin catchment

An information pack on sustainable grazing for graziers to assist in land management.

Understanding floodplain ecosystems

CSIRO's research to better understand and predict the response of floodplain ecosystems to environmental change will enable more effective environmental water regimes.

'Science into policy, improving uptake and adoption of research' Conference

The 'Science into policy' conference will bring together biosecurity scientists, regulators, policy developers and social scientists to explore the issues surrounding the uptake and adoption of scientific outcomes.

Dr Mark Lonsdale: Director, CSIRO's Biodiversity Portfolio

Dr Mark Lonsdale has extensive experience in the ecology of invasive species and biodiversity.

Geography, Human Ecology & Sustainability Research Group (GEHES)

The GEHES Group is leading multi-site, cross-disciplinary, sustainability-focused social science emphasising regional and remote geographies. We are trusted advisors across local, regional, national and international domains. Our staff are located in Alice Springs, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin and Brisbane.

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