Dr Jennifer Firn: conserving biodiversity in production landscapes

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Publishing History

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Dr Jennifer Firn: publishing history

Journal articles

Firn J, MacDougall AS, Schmidt SM, Buckley YM. 2010. Early emergence and resource availability can competitively favour natives over a functionally-similar invader. Oecologia. DOI 10.1007/s00442-010-1583-7

Firn J, House A, Buckley YM. 2010. Alternative states models provide an effective framework for invasive species control and restoration of native communities. Journal of Applied Ecology. 47: 96-105.

Firn J, Buckley YM. In press. Impacts of invasive plants on Australian rangelands. Rangelands.

Firn J. 2009. African Lovegrass in Australia, valuable pasture species or embarrassing invader? Tropical Grasslands. 43: 86-97.

Firn J, Rout T, Possingham H, BuckleyYM. 2008. Managing beyond the invader: manipulating disturbance of natives simplifies control efforts. Journal of Applied Ecology. 45: 1143-1151.

Firn J,  Erskine P, Lamb D. 2007.  Woody species diversity influences productivity and soil nutrient availability in tropical plantations. Oecologia. 154(3): 521-533.

Firn J. 2007. Developing strategies and methods for rehabilitating degraded pastures using native grasses. Ecological Management and Restoration. 8(3):183-187.

Firn J, Buckley YM. 2007. Understanding the mechanism behind invasion of African Lovegrass. Tropical Grasslands. 41: 243-244.

Firn J, MacDougall A, Schmidt S, Buckley, YM. In review. Competition and disturbance drive the invasion of a functionally similar grass species.

Books and book chapters

Firn J, Arnold C, Buckley YM. In review. Recovering functional integrity in pastures dominated by an invasive grass species. In: A Shift in Natural Resources Management Paradigm: from resource sufficiency to functional integrity. French Initiative for International Agricultural Research.

Refereed conference proceedings

Firn J, Rout T, Possingham H, Buckley YM. 2008. Optimising weed control by considering disturbance to native plants. Proceedings of the 16th Australian Weed Conference, Cairns.

Firn J, Buckley YM. 2008. Unravelling the mechanisms behind the invasion of an introduced and now undesirable grass species. Proceedings of the International Grasslands Congress, Hohoht, Inner Mongolia, China.