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Dr Cuan Petheram: interdisciplinary science in northern Australia

Dr Cuan Petheram's primary research areas include hydrological science and surface water and groundwater modelling.

CSIRO/JCU Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series

CSIRO free public seminars in Townsville, Queensland.

Dr Simon Apte: helping Australia better manage its valuable water ecosystems

Dr Simon Apte leads a multi-disciplinary research program that is improving the management of Australia’s water ecosystems.

Dr Bradley Patterson: researching the fate of chemicals in groundwater and developing innovative technologies

Dr Bradley Patterson is working to better quantify and understand the biodegradation of contaminants in vadose zone and groundwater environments through the development of innovative sub-surface monitoring instrumentation.

Professor Arnold Dekker: Director, Earth Observation and Informatics Transformational Capability Platform

Professor Arnold Dekker is leading and enhancing CSIRO’s capability in earth observation informatics.

Mr Colin Johnston: investigating innovative groundwater remediation and characterisation techniques

Mr Colin Johnston is working on innovative techniques for the characterisation and remediation of contaminated groundwater environments.

Dr Lei Gao: modelling water resource systems

Dr Lei Gao specialises in water resource system modelling, computer simulation, intelligent decision-making process and socio-economic analysis.

Modelling river systems across Australia

The River Systems Modelling project has delivered a river modelling framework that provides a consistent way of modelling river systems across Australia.

Enhancing water security in the Murray-Darling Basin

CSIRO’s research is playing a crucial role in supporting decision making in Australia’s largest river basin.

Dr Anna Kaksonen: leading environmental and industrial biotechnology research

Dr Anna Kaksonen is leading a team that is researching the use of microorganisms and biotechnological processes for environmental and industrial applications in the mining, water supply and wastewater treatment industries.

Water reuse technologies

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is examining opportunities to harvest waste water from storm water, to supply cities and regional towns, reduce demand on catchments, and leave more water in streams and aquifers.

Great Barrier Reef water quality publications 2009-2012

Publications from CSIRO's research in the Great Barrier Reef from 2009-2012

Great Barrier Reef catchment: safeguarding the Reef

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship has been working in the Great Barrier Reef catchment to improve water quality, wetland integrity and fisheries while enhancing agricultural productivity.

Advanced membrane technology for water treatment

An outline of the work of the Advanced Membrane Technology for Water Treatment research project is offered in this information sheet. (2 pages)

Reports on Water in the Timor Sea Drainage Division

On this page you will find all the reports from the Timor Sea Drainage Division for the Northern Australia Sustainable Yields Project.

Dr Riasat Ali: investigating fresh and saline groundwater systems

Dr Riasat Ali is a groundwater hydrologist evaluating fresh, brackish and saline groundwater resources in Australia and other countries.

Helping China re-vegetate the Loess Plateau

A CSIRO developed tool is helping China's land and water resource managers rehabilitate an important water catchment and helping to secure China's environmental future.

To drink or not to drink?

Research has shown that people’s acceptance of using recycled wastewater reduces as it comes closer to human contact, and emotions play a big part in people’s acceptance.

Blue-green algae

Algal blooms are a major hazard to safe water supply as well as potentially dangerous to human, animal and fish health.

Managed aquifer recharge: turning wastewater into a resource

A Water for a Healthy Country Flagship project has helped to secure Australia’s water future through managed aquifer recharge.

Deep water: health of the Great Artesian Basin (Podcast 27 Mar 2013)

CSIRO, in collaboration with Geoscience Australia, has completed a two and a half-year A$6.25 million project to assess water resources in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB).

Mr Don Begbie: Former coordinator of the South East Queensland Urban Water Security Research Alliance

Mr Don Begbie managed and coordinated the delivery of research to help the security of urban water in South East Queensland.

SEACI: understanding climate change and variability in south-eastern Australia

The South Eastern Australian Climate Initiative's research aimed to improve our understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change and variability in south-eastern Australia, and improve projections of future climate.

Managed Aquifer Recharge and Stormwater Use Options

This national project is addressing pivotal knowledge gaps in the use of urban stormwater harvesting and managed aquifer recharge to produce clean water for all types of uses.

Dr Jennifer Stauber: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Land and Water

Dr Jennifer Stauber is Deputy Chief for one of the nation's largest land and water research teams.

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