CSIRO scientists at a groundwater study site near Griffith, NSW.

Land and Water People

CSIRO Land and Water has around 500 staff with expertise in the physical, biological and chemical sciences, as well as applied mathematics and engineering.

Mr Lingtao Li: instigating and developing systems for spatio-temporal analysis

Mr Lingtao Li primarily develops systems to generate and analyse large spatio-temporal datasets focusing on ecohydrological and climatological issues.

Dr Ben Macdonald: researching greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient cycling

Dr Ben Macdonald is developing improved agricultural production systems through the measurement of gaseous exchanges of water and other trace gases between agricultural and natural ecosystems and the atmosphere.

Dr Lynne Macdonald: researching organic carbon in Australian agricultural soils

Dr Lynne Macdonald is researching microbial community function in relation to soil organic matter dynamics.

Dr Todd Maddern: Senior Isotope Technical Officer

Dr Todd Maddern’s primary research areas include analytical spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, radiation detectors, laser physics, ion transport, ultra low level particle detection.

Dr Shiroma Maheepala: leading integrated urban water systems science

Dr Shiroma Maheepala is leading integrated urban water systems research to inform future urban water systems and transition pathways.

Dr Mohammed Mainuddin: improving our understanding of river basin’s land and water productivity

Dr Mohammed Mainuddin is helping our understanding of land and water productivity and water accounting to enhance food security and a sustainable environment.

Dr Dirk Mallants: integrating experimental observations and numerical modelling

Dr Dirk Mallants is leading hydrogeochemistry and isotope hydrology research.

Dr Tim Malthus: exploiting earth observation to better manage land and water resources

Dr Tim Malthus combines skills in calibration, validation and field spectroscopy with analysis of airborne and satellite Earth observation data.

Dr Donavan Marney: improving efficiencies within Australia's urban water networks

Dr Donavan Marney's research effort is aimed at improving efficiencies within Australia's urban water networks through improved utilisation of emerging sensor network technologies.

Dr John Mashford: researching mathematics, intelligent systems and computer vision

Dr John Mashford's primary research areas include computer vision, artificial intelligence, operations research and mathematical analysis.

Mr Warwick McDonald: Theme Leader, Water Resource Assessment

Mr Warwick McDonald: providing the science to underpin improved management of regional water supplies.

Dr Don McFarlane: coordinating science to help manage water

Dr Don McFarlane, coordinates science for CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Flagship in Western Australia to help improve the management of water resources.

Ms Janine McGowan: Research Support Officer, Carbon and Nutrient Cycling Group

Ms Janine McGowan's expertise includes spectroscopic techniques, instrument analysis and wet chemistry techniques.

Dr David McJannet: measuring hydrological process to improve process understanding

Dr David McJannet is managing the Australian cosmic-ray soil moisture monitoring network (CosmOz) and is working on projects quantifying water balance and evaporation processes.

Dr Neil McKenzie: helping to shape public policy on land resource management

Dr Neil McKenzie is helping to shape public policy on land resource management.

Mr Gordon McLachlan: Senior Technical Officer (Scientific)

Mr Gordon McLachlan supports soil physics research in the laboratory and the field with expertise in soil sampling, soil field measurement and instrumentation, and measurement of soil physical characteristics in the laboratory.

Professor Mike McLaughlin: biogeochemistry expert

Prof Mike McLaughlin develops new approaches to measure and understand the behaviour of inorganic nutrients and contaminants in the environment.

Dr Tim McVicar: monitoring Australia’s ecohydrological functioning with time series remote sensing

Dr Tim McVicar's primary research is in ecohydrology, remote sensing and climatology/meteorology, focusing on vegetation and evapotranspiration dynamics.

Dr Konrad Miotliński: researching managed aquifer recharge and environmental impacts of coal seam gas development

Dr Konrad Miotliński is researching clogging and water quality changes during managed aquifer recharge operations and assessing the impacts of coal seam gas activities on the environment.

Mr Fareed Mirza: developing urban water modelling tools

Mr Fareed Mirza's research areas include environmental models and software techniques to support decision making.

Dr Magnus Moglia: undertaking integrated assessments modelling

Dr Magnus Moglia is a senior research scientist with CSIRO Land and Water. His work explores the socio-technical perspectives of urban water systems. His work is typically at the interface of research, policy, management and decision support.

Dr Freddie Mpelasoka: researching climate impact on catchment hydrological processes and energy fluxes

Dr Freddie Mpelasoka's research areas include hydroclimate science and modelling climate impact on water and energy fluxes.

Mr Aaron Hawdon: Instrumentation and field monitoring specialist

Mr Hawdon's research is focused on quantifying the impact of land management on both hydrology and landscape function at a variety of scales through the use of novel monitoring methods.

Mr Dave Penton

Mr Dave Penton’s primary research areas include web services and the interoperability of hydrological simulation models.

Mr Keith Sclater

Mr Keith Sclater is the Manager Governance and Planning for the CSIRO Division of Land and Water reporting directly to the Chief of Division.

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