Dr Iain Wilson

Dr Iain Wilson, Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO Plant Industry.

Dr Iain Wilson: improving cotton genetics

Dr Iain Wilson applies cutting edge technology to advance the understanding of molecular processes in cotton.

  • 8 May 2006 | Updated 8 October 2012

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Current activities

Dr Iain Wilson is a Team Leader with CSIRO Plant Industry. His research focuses on investigating ways of improving cotton using genomic approaches such as marker assisted selection using high throughput genotyping technology and deep sequencing for SNP detection.


Dr Iain Wilson's research focuses on investigating ways of improving cotton using genomic approaches.

At Stanford University, USA, Dr Wilson became proficient at using microarray technology to understand biological problems.

In 1999, he established microarray technology at CSIRO Plant Industry.

Academic qualifications

Dr Wilson has been awarded:

  • Bachelor of Science with first class Honours from the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 1989
  • Doctor of Philosophy, also from the University of Melbourne in 1995.


Dr Iain Wilson received the followng awards:

  • Dame Margaret Blackwood Prize for top second year Genetics student at Melbourne University, in 1987
  • Major Bartlett Scholarship for third year Microbiology in 1988
  • Bryan Scholarship for Natural Sciences Melbourne University in 1988
  • Roy and Iris Simmons Award for Honours in Microbiology in 1989
  • Australian Postgraduate Research Award in 1990
  • Promega PhD Prize in 1994
  • Major Bartlett Scholarship for microbiology in 1994
  • Carnegie Institution of Washington Fellowship in 1997.

See a list of scientific papers published by Dr Wilson in his Publishing History.