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Transforming the Cotton Industry.

Over 95 per cent of Australian cotton is bred from a CSIRO variety, reducing pesticide use by up to 85 per cent.

Cereal carbohydrates and nutrition

Food Futures Flagship research in cereal carbohydrates and nutrition aims to deliver human health benefits through grains and grain-based foods.

BARLEYmax grain FAQs

BARLEYmax™ grain is a natural wholegrain with enhanced nutritional benefits. This 'supergrain' is now available to consumers in a range of products. Find out how and where to buy these products.

New BARLEYmax™: high fibre wholegrain with resistant starch

BARLEYmax™ is a natural wholegrain with enhanced nutritional benefits.

Locating cattle with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

CSIRO is working to develop, test and demonstrate the latest thermal remote sensing technology on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to identify the location of livestock in extensive rangelands. By using a UAV platform, cattle can be located across very broad areas to assist producers in improving the efficiency, and reducing the cost, of mustering often done by helicopter at great expense.

Precision Livestock Management

CSIRO is working on the development and application of new and emerging technologies with potential to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of livestock production systems through enhanced measurement, monitoring, movement and management of animals and their environment.

Measuring cattle body condition

CSIRO is working to develop, test and demonstrate the latest laser imaging and stereo imaging technology to monitor the body weight and condition of cattle. By then putting it together with predictive models, we hope to be able to calculate ahead of time so that producers and their advisers can make more accurate, informed and timely decisions regarding the day to day management of livestock.

Australian scientific collaboration set to break world’s reliance on fish for long chain omega-3

A pioneering research alliance is on the way to breaking the world's reliance on fish stocks for supply of long chain omega-3.

A MAGIC approach to improved wheat quality

CSIRO Food Futures Flagship scientists are using MAGIC, an innovative technique to increase the speed and efficiency of wheat breeding.

Dr Gonzalo Estavillo: Enhancing photosynthesis and crop yield improvement

Dr Estavillo is a plant physiologist and molecular biologist building capabilities in plant photosynthesis and Phenomics to study the potential links between photosynthesis and crop yield.

Greenhouse Gas Abatement and Carbon Storage in Land Use Systems

The Sustainable Agriculture Flagship is developing science, technology, measurement and management systems to help reduce net greenhouse gas emissions from Australian lands while increasing the storage of new carbon in our lands.

Dr Andrew James: breeding soybeans

Dr Andrew James is leading CSIRO’s soybean breeding program with an emphasis on improving culinary quality.

Gene Silencing Vectors - Terms and Conditions

This page provides the guidelines for the downloading of the MTA for the Biological Material comprising of Gene Silencing Vectors.

Dr Margaret Roper: specialising in soil microbiology

Dr Margaret Roper specialises in soil and plant associated microbiology, in particular, the impact of sandy soils and farming practices on crop yields.

Dr Susie Sprague: caring for canola

Dr Susie Sprague is studying effective farm management in relation to Blackleg - a plant disease that targets canola crops.

Dr Richard James: breeding salt tolerant wheat varieties

Dr Richard James is breeding wheat varieties to combat salinity.

Prof Steve Swain: studying plant hormones and reproductive development

Prof Steve Swain is developing novel methods of weed control based on targeting plants' reproductive development.

Future wheat and barley

Food Futures Flagship research in future wheat and barley aims to increase the value of the Australian wheat and barley industry through enhancing product quality, providing new market opportunities and improving productivity.

Dr Warwick Stiller: breeding better cotton

Dr Warwick Stiller is part of a large and sophisticated cotton breeding program at CSIRO Plant Industry.

Dr Sam Periyannan: mapping and cloning rust resistance genes

Dr Sam Periyannan is developing methods to identify and validate molecular markers linked to rust resistance in wheat.

Dr Rob Walker: improving salt tolerance and water use efficiency

Dr Rob Walker is increasing our understanding of how plants tolerate salinity and limited water availability, particularly how some plants can limit the uptake of salt and how this contributes to salt tolerance.

CSIRO Plant Industry

CSIRO Plant Industry conducts research to promote profitable and sustainable agrifood, fibre and horticultural industries, develop new plant products and improve natural resource management.


CSIRO's Phytotron continues to produce great science and act as a melting pot for the world's leading plant scientists to tackle pressing global issues. Here we celebrate the building's illustrious past and its bright future.

The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre

The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre is constructing a flotilla of phenomics instruments to take into the field, improving phenomic analysis of plants.

PhD flax rust

CSIRO Plant Industry has a PhD opportunity for a motivated student to study the function of flax immune receptors that confer resistance to the phytopathogenic flax rust fungus.

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