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Dr Mark R Thomas: understanding grapevine genetics

Research by Dr Mark R Thomas is improving our understanding of the function of grapevine genes, helping to improve grape and wine quality.

Low gluten foods

This two-page information sheet is about CSIRO research into developing low gluten barley. This is the first step towards providing the Australian public with a range of low gluten products.

Insect protected cowpeas

Cowpeas are an important food crop in sub-Saharan Africa but yields are often reduced by more than 80 per cent due to pests and diseases. CSIRO Plant Industry is part of a global project to improve cowpea production in Africa and is making progress towards incorporating ‘built-in’ insect pest protection that could help to reduce food shortages in the region.

Dr Rosemary White: understanding plant development

Dr Rosemary White investigates how plant development is controlled at the cellular level and manages CSIRO's Microscopy Centre in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Science for tomorrow: New developments

This article from Farming Ahead contains four stories on bushfire research, design and management of plantings for greenhouse mitigation, the use of local seed in revegetation and indigenous values guiding water research in the north (1 page)

Primary industries, enterprises and communities adapting to climate change

The Climate Adaptation Flagship is developing adaptation options for Australia's primary industry and resource sectors to reduce the vulnerabilities and enhance opportunities created by climate change and variability.

Building better biodiversity (Podcast 21 Jul 2009)

A new biodiversity research team of over 100 scientists is being developed by CSIRO to help halt biodiversity decline and strike a balance between human development and conservation. (4:47)

DIR121 Safflower trial

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has approved an application from CSIRO to establish field plots of experimental safflower lines genetically modified (GM) to contain elevated levels oleic acid.

Dual-purpose Cropping in the High Rainfall Zone

A new CSIRO project takes dual-purpose crops to the whole-farm level, increasing flexibility for farmers as climate conditions become more challenging and offering potential extra earnings of A$150m per year in New South Wales alone.

Dr Ian Dry: fighting grapevine disease

Dr Ian Dry is leading research into grapevine disease resistance, in particular by looking at developing molecular strategies to improve the genetic resistance of all horticultural crops to fungal pathogens.

Dr Lyndsey Vivian: researching how wetlands respond to drought and floods

Dr Lyndsey Vivian is investigation the effects of drought and floods on wetland vegetation.

Cairns: Australian Tropical Forest Institute

CSIRO Cairns is co-located with James Cook University (JCU) and provides a unique centre for tropical sustainability science.

Farming Ahead: CSIRO and related articles from 2010

Farming Ahead magazine regularly features CSIRO's research for the agricultural sector. This is a list of CSIRO articles published in the magazine throughout 2010.

Gene technology

Learn more about gene technology, how it impacts our lives and the research CSIRO is undertaking in this field.

Farming Ahead: CSIRO and related articles from 2009

Farming Ahead magazine regularly features CSIRO's research for the agricultural sector. This is a list of CSIRO articles published in the magazine throughout 2009.

CSIRO Times: First International Plant Phenomics Symposium

This 4-page edition covers the research addressed at The First International Plant Phenomics Symposium attended by plant biologists from around the world.

Future grains, grain based foods and feed

Delivering premium grains and grain foods to increase industry value and improve human health.

Dr Robert Furbank: researching photosynthesis, Phenomics and plant carbon partitioning

Dr Robert Furbank aims to improve crop yield and product quality by researching photosynthesis carbon partitioning using new plant Phenomics and genetic tools.

Dr Afshin Grahramani: Modelling future agricultural systems

Dr Afshin Ghahramani is investigating how agricultural systems will adapt to predicted changes to the climate.

Dr Greg Tanner: developing low gluten cereals

Dr Greg Tanner is using protein purification techniques to help modify the properties of plants.

Canberra: Black Mountain, ACT (Black Mountain laboratories)

CSIRO’s Black Mountain laboratories are the central research facilities of CSIRO Plant Industry, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences and CSIRO Land and Water.

Future oilseeds

Food Futures Flagship research in future oilseeds includes modifying plant oils for increased nutritional benefit as well as increasing the amount of oil produced in plants.

Future grains, grain based foods and feed

The Food Futures Flagship is researching ways to develop novel, high value grains and oilseeds to provide substantiated health benefits to consumers and new opportunities for industry.

Dr Sally-Ann Walford: studying cotton fibre

Dr Sally-Ann Walford is investigating the molecular basis for cotton fibre growth and development.

Dr Xavier Sirault: probing plant function and performance in dynamic environments

Dr Xavier Sirault applies his unique skills as an agricultural engineer and research plant scientist to dissect complex quantitative traits in plants and model their expression and plasticity under dynamic environments.

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