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Dr Xavier Sirault: probing plant function and performance in dynamic environments

Dr Xavier Sirault applies his unique skills as an agricultural engineer and research plant scientist to dissect complex quantitative traits in plants and model their expression and plasticity under dynamic environments.

Dr Greg Rebetzke: breeding wheat

Dr Greg Rebetzke leads a CSIRO Plant Industry team involved in physiological and molecular wheat breeding.

Dr Allan Green: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry

Dr Allan Green is Deputy Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry and his research focus is on bioengineering of oil crops.

Understanding floodplain ecosystems

CSIRO's research to better understand and predict the response of floodplain ecosystems to environmental change will enable more effective environmental water regimes.

Omega-3 crops quest within reach

This three-page article discusses how farmers and consumers could benefit from research in the Food Futures Flagship that has successfully transferred genes from marine plants into an oilseed plant - paving the way for genetically-modified oilseeds high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Fast tracking oil genes

This two-page information sheet is about a new method for assembling gene groups to make better crops.

CSIRO launches Mandarin Podcasts

A series of podcasts in Mandarin language were launched in Canberra today which highlight careers in science and in working with Australian science and industry to a potential audience of 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Summer Student Program Projects

Summer studentships offer second and third year university students an opportunity to conduct research at CSIRO Food Health and Life Sciences.

Summer studentships with CSIRO Plant Industry

Summer studentships offer second and third year university students an opportunity to conduct research at CSIRO Plant Industry.

Dr Jean Finnegan: understanding flowering

Dr Jean Finnegan leads research into the control of the initiation of flowering and the role of epigenetic regulation in plant development at CSIRO Plant Industry.

Dr Fracisco Encinas-Viso: studying the evolution of plant sex.

Dr Encinas-Viso is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research studying the evolution of plant mating systems.

Working towards building a sustainable cotton industry for the future

CSIRO researchers are working with Australia's cotton industry to build a sustainable industry for the future.

Australian Tropical Sciences and Innovation Precinct - Townsville, Qld

CSIRO and James Cook University (JCU) are working together, creating a world class research hub at the Australian Tropical Sciences and Innovation Precinct (ATSIP) at JCU's Townsville campus.

Wheat genetic markers shed light on selective breeding

Our researchers have developed a test for 9,000 genetic markers in wheat and they’re using it to find out what parts of the wheat genome have been targeted by selective breeding to make better crops.

Dr Alexander N Schmidt-Lebuhn: investigating evolution, systematics and taxonomy of Australian plants

Dr Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn is currently conducting research on Australian flowering plants with specific focus on the systematics and evolution of the daisy family (Asteraceae).

Dr John Manners: Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry

Dr John Manners, Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry, has an interest in researching sub-tropical crops, including sugar, in northern Australia.

Dr Stephen Yeates: researching cotton and tropical farming systems

Dr Stephen Yeates leads CSIRO's research into sustainable tropical farming systems, physiology and agronomy of cotton and grain crops.

Dr Washington Gapare: integrating genetic conservation with commercial tree use

Dr Washington Gapare combines quantitative, population and conservation genetic principles to ensure sustainable genetic gain for commercial tree species in Australasia.

Dr Jeremy Brawner: developing productive forests

Dr Jeremy Brawner is working on developing genetic evaluation and propagation systems for production forests

Grapes and wine overview

CSIRO is contributing to improving the production, processing and marketing of grapes and grape products.  

Transforming the cotton industry for competitive results

New cotton varieties are advancing crop resilience and optimising cotton production.

Australian wheat has a new defence to a rusty old problem

Drs Evans Lagudah and Sam Periyannan wrote article about their discovery of a new stem rust resistant gene as appeared on The Conversation.

Great Barrier Reef catchment: safeguarding the Reef

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship has been working in the Great Barrier Reef catchment to improve water quality, wetland integrity and fisheries while enhancing agricultural productivity.

Dr Colleen MacMillan: investigating plant fibre development

Dr Colleen MacMillan investigates molecular aspects of plant fibre development and biomechanics to improve selected traits in cotton and plantation trees.

Increasing oil production from plants

Our researchers are developing plants that produce oil in their leaves as well as their seeds.

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