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Rice Functional Genomics Project

The Plant Industry Rice Functional Genomics Project was initiated in 1998 and scaled down in 2006, but the results achieved are still of interest to the scientific community. Here, researchers can find out more details about the project and access the results obtained.

Dr Lars Kamphuis: discovering plant defence mechanisms

Dr Lars Kamphuis is investigating how plants defend themselves against attack from pests and disease.

Mr David Bush: breeding trees for low rainfall environments

Mr David Bush's research focuses on the interaction of genotypes with environments and development of products such as untreated, naturally durable timber for use in viticulture and agriculture.

Australian Tree Seed Centre operations manual

This manual documents the CSIRO Australian Tree Seed Centre's standardised procedures in seed handling, from planning seed collections through to seed dispatch. (158 pages)

Dr Junji Miyazaki: revealing host plant resistance to cotton pests

Dr Junji Miyazaki's research focus is on the defence mechanisms against cotton pests.

Dr Manny Delhaize: unravelling acid soil tolerance

Dr Manny Delhaize is working to improve the acid soil tolerance of crops and pastures.

Dr Frank Gubler: researching plant hormones

Dr Frank Gubler researches the hormonal regulation of gene expression in plants and is Program Leader for Genomics and Plant Development.

Dr Rana Munns: improving crops for saline soils

Dr Rana Munns leads research to investigate and improve the salt tolerance of crops.

Dr Anna Koltunow: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry

Dr Anna Koltunow is Deputy Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry and her research is focused on plant reproduction.

Dr Anton Wasson: investigating root architecture

Dr Anton Wasson is using novel techniques to investigate plant roots structure and water uptake.

Dr Chris Helliwell: investigating plant molecular biology

Dr Chris Helliwell researches polycomb group proteins in plant growth and development and the roles of miRNAs in rice grain development.

Dr Jose Maria Barrero: researching seed dormancy

Dr Jose Maria Barrero is investigating seed dormancy as a way to reduce pre-harvest sprouting in wheat, a serious problem in agriculture.

Renewable and biodegradable materials

Renewable and biodegradable materials are environmentally friendly and cheaper to produce. Renewable and biodegradable materials not only consume less energy in their preparation, but also are less problematic to dispose of at the end of their useful life.

Improving cotton fibre quality

CSIRO's research to improve cotton fibre quality, and in particular CSIRO’s latest varieties of cotton with improved fibre quality traits and high yield, is the subject of this information sheet. (2 pages)

Dr Jeremy Burdon: investigating plant-pathogen coevolution

Dr Jeremy Burdon is an evolutionary biologist with particular interest in plant-microbe interactions.

Risk assessment of GM field peas

In 2005, CSIRO reported it had discontinued research into genetically modified field peas because the peas did not satisfy all the requirements of their risk assessment process. The findings from the study highlighted the importance of a careful case-by-case evaluation of GM crops, and the role science can play in decision-making related to the development of GM crops.

GRAZPLANā„¢: supporting documents and programs

Australian agriculture and land managers operate in an environment with a high degree of uncertainty, but CSIRO's GRAZPLAN™ tools help remove some of the guesswork from decision-making.

November 2012: Hendra heroes and a new test for silent killer (Podcast 20 Dec 2012)

Australian horse owners received an important boost in their fight against the deadly Hendra virus with the introduction of a vaccine, and a major step towards a more effective and reliable blood-based test for bowel cancer is announced.

GRAZPLANā„¢: integrated decision support for farming

Australian agriculture and land managers operate in an environment with a high degree of uncertainty, but CSIRO's GRAZPLAN™ tools help remove some of the guesswork from decision-making.

Dr Peter Ryan: helping plants cope in hostile soils

Dr Peter Ryan is investigating how root biology and rhizospheric processes can improve crop production on hostile soils.

CSIRO cotton research in Narrabri turns 40

CSIRO is celebrating its 40th anniversary of cotton research at Narrabri, based at the Australian Cotton Research Institute (ACRI), NSW.

Centre for Grain Food Innovation: increasing the understanding of grains processing

CSIRO, Curtin University of Technology and the Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia are working together to improve and increase the use of Australian grains in export markets.

Dr Robert Godfree: researching the population biology of native and introduced plants

Dr Robert Godfree is a Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO Plant Industry and is researching population biology of native and introduced plants.

Dr James Petrie: metabolic engineering of plant oils

Dr James Petrie's research aims to modify the oil content and oil profile of plants. His current focus in on producing long chain omega-3 oils in land plants, and increasing the levels of seed and leaf oil produced in plants.

BASE: a collaborative program to discover the microbial universe hidden under our feet

The Biomes of Australian Soil Environments (BASE) project will provide the first comprehensive continent wide inventory of soil biodiversity.

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