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Dr Nicola Cottee: searching for heat tolerant cotton

Dr Nicola Cottee is working to identify high temperature tolerance in cotton cultivars.

Dr Paul Boss: linking grape development with wine flavour and aroma

Dr Paul Boss is researching how grape genotype, environment and management affects wine flavour and aroma.

Dr Milos Ivkovich: improving the profitability of radiata pine and other wood products

Dr Milos Ivkovich is a quantitative geneticist who combines genetics, wood science and economics to improve the profitability of radiata pine and other wood products.

Dr Ming-Bo Wang: researching RNA silencing in gene control and disease resistance

Dr Ming-Bo Wang researches the RNA silencing in plants, in particular the mechanistic and the applied aspects of RNA silencing in plants. 

Dr Narayana Upadhyaya: examining wheat stem rust

Dr Narayana Upadhyaya is exploring the genes involved with stem rust infection in wheat.

Dr Michael Braunack: improving water and nutrient use efficiency in cotton

Dr Michael Braunack is undertaking research on cotton farming systems to improve resource use efficiency.

Dr Phillip Jackson: breeding sugarcane varieties

Dr Phillip Jackson is developing sugarcane varieties with better cane yield, adaptation to adverse environments and increased sucrose content.

Dr Philip Larkin: improving wheat

Dr Philip Larkin researches wheat germplasm improvement.

Paul Warburton: investigating Eucalyptus hybrid production and evaluation

Mr Paul Warburton researches the production, evaluation and deployment of Eucalyptus hybrids in subtropical and tropical plantation forests.

Dr Richard Simpson: pasture systems agronomy, farm productivity and sustainability

Dr Richard Simpson is an agronomist researching pasture management, botanical composition, forages for livestock, plant nutrition and fertiliser use.

Dr Richard Culvenor: researching and breeding perennial grasses

Dr Richard Culvenor focuses on the use of perennial grasses for low rainfall conditions.

Dr Ulrike Schumann: studying RNA silencing in fungi

Dr Ulrike Schumann is working to understand the role of ribonucleic acid (RNA) silencing during fungal plant infection.

Dr Surinder Singh: modifying plant oils

Dr Surinder Singh is Group Leader of the Oilseeds Group of CSIRO Plant Industry's Metabolic Engineering of New Plant Products program and is developing new plant oils for edible and industrial uses.

Dr Jeff Ellis: unravelling plant diseases

Dr Jeff Ellis is applying molecular biology to improve disease and pest resistance in crops and researching the use of gene transfer technology to unravel fundamental aspects of plant biology.

Dr Jen Taylor: using bioinformatics to study plant genes

Dr Jen Taylor uses informatics to understand plant genes by analysing the data produced by modern molecular biology techniques.

Dr Jenny Clement: improving cotton fibre quality and yield

Dr Jenny Clement is improving cotton fibre quality and yield for better industrial fibres.

Grapevine management

CSIRO research is targeting better vineyard management with work in areas such as carbohydrate dynamics, water use efficiency and sustainable performance. CSIRO is also part of the Wine Innovarion Cluster, a group of research agencies aiming to improve wine science and to make viticulture more sustainable and more suited to our changing climate.

Grape genetics

CSIRO’s grape genetics research is targeting wine and grape quality and disease resistance. CSIRO is also part of the Wine Innovarion Cluster, a group of research agencies aiming to improve wine science and to make viticulture more sustainable and more suited to our changing climate.

Dr Crispin Howitt: improving the quality of cereals

Dr Crispin Howitt leads a research group that is exploring the genetic basis of cereal quality.

Reducing blackleg damage in dual-purpose canola

CSIRO scientists have reduced the devastating effects of blackleg disease for dual-purpose canola . While canola has demonstrated its value as a dual-purpose crop in mixed farming systems, grazing can increase the risk of attack by the blackleg fungus because it exposes damaged plant tissues during the period of infection.

Dr Ahmed Regina: understanding how plants make starch

Dr Regina leads a research group investigating the control of starch biosynthesis and structure in cereals with a focus on high amylose starches.

Dr Steve Jobling: developing healthy new cereals

Dr Steve Jobling and his team are developing new cereal varieties with nutritional benefits and unique quality attributes.

Wheat management

CSIRO is investigating different management techniques to identify ways of improving wheat yields in specific regions or under certain circumstances.

What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the use of living things to make or change products. It is both an ancient art and a modern science with applications across different sectors.

CSIRO-UWA Laboratory for Molecular Plant Pathology and Crop Genomics

The new CSIRO-University of Western Australia (UWA) crop genomics lab is providing a state of the art facility for agricultural research.

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