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Wheat germplasm

CSIRO wheat germplasm information for cereal breeders.

International collaboration in food, health and life sciences

CSIRO works with industry leaders around the world to solve challenges related to food security and human health.

Improving the control of Delta Arrowhead

This two-page information sheet is about CSIRO's collaboration with La Trobe University, DPI Victoria and RIRDC to better understand the biology of the aquatic weed Delta Arrowhead (Sagittaria platyphylla)and improve its control.    

Oilseeds and legumes

Oilseeds, such as canola, are important agricultural crops in Australia and CSIRO is looking to make them healthier and more productive. CSIRO is also working with soybeans, lupins, chickpeas and cowpeas, to develop drought tolerance, improve nutritional value and tackle disease.

Helping hands aid tsunami victims

In December 2004, a destructive tsunami ravaged the shores of several Indian Ocean nations. Thanks to Ensis scientists, relief is being provided to two of the islands significantly damaged in the disaster.

AUSGRAINZ: a CSIRO and New Zealand Plant & Food Research alliance

AUSGRAINZ is an alliance combining the strengths of two internationally recognised plant and food research organisations - Australia’s CSIRO Plant Industry and New Zealand’s Plant & Food Research.

Dr Simon Robinson: understanding the contribution of grapes to wine quality

Dr Simon Robinson has an active research program in viticulture, studying the factors controlling ripening and fruit quality in grapes and regulation of the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in plants.

Dr Mark Peoples: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry

Dr Mark Peoples has particular research interests in farming methods to manage nitrogen and water, subsoil constraints, soil biology and lucerne.

Dr Craig Wood: Engineering safflower to produce industrial oils

Dr Craig Wood uses advanced genetic engineering to produce high-value products in safflower.

Biotechnology glossary

This page provides easy to understand definitions of common biotechnology words and terms.

Native plants and forestry

CSIRO studies Australian native plants to better understand their variety, needs and role in contemporary ecosystems.

Australia's bioeconomy blossoms with supercharged safflower

New varieties of the safflower plant containing the world's highest levels of valuable oleic acid are in the pipeline for Australian grain growers thanks to breakthrough research at CSIRO.

Crop Biofactories Initiative

CSIRO is using its expertise in plant, biochemical and material sciences and its strong base in existing research in crop biofactories to help position Australia as a significant global player in the bioeconomy.

Plant gene technology

CSIRO is a leader in plant gene technology delivering practical, profitable and sustainable plant products and novel gene technologies.

Dr Wolfgang Spielmeyer: identifying and cloning wheat genes for yield improvement

Dr Wolfgang Spielmeyer is mapping and isolating important wheat genes for durable disease resistance and greater harvest index to understand underlying mechanisms and to develop markers that will assist in breeding of wheat cultivars.

CSIRO Plant Industry information sheets

CSIRO Plant Industry has a number of easy-to-read information sheets on various aspects of our plant science research. This page links to these information sheets.

Dr Peter Dodds: investigating the molecular basis of rust disease resistance

Dr Dodds' research aims to elucidate how plants recognise and respond to pathogens with the ultimate aim of protecting important food crops from devastating diseases.

Dr Peter Thrall: investigating plant-microbe relationships

Dr Peter Thrall leads research to improve plant production and protect plants from disease and pests.

GM wheat and barley trials - DIR112

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has approved the CSIRO's Food Futures Flagship’s application to establish small field plots of experimental genetically modified (GM) wheat and barley at the Department of Food and Agriculture Western Australia ‘New Genes for New Environments’ GM trial facility at Merredin in Western Australia. (2 pages)

Dr Rhonda Foley: investigating plant response to diseases

Dr Rhonda Foley is studying plant defence regulation to understand how crops can be more effective against pathogens.

Future of cotton research boosted by $35 million

Cotton Breeding Australia, announced today a five-year, $35 million agreement extension to fund cotton research projects.

Good news for wheat farmers battling salinity

A salt-tolerant variety of durum wheat that outperforms other varieties by 25 per cent on salty soils has been developed by CSIRO scientists using traditional crop breeding techniques.

Conservation: plant-microbe interactions

CSIRO is using the relationships between plants and microbes to understand pathogen resistance, improve revegetation programs and investigate the structure of plant communities

Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture

CSIRO and James Cook University have a strategic alliance known as the Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture (TLJV) to facilitate collaborative research between these two world-class organisations.

New CSIRO lime varieties

CSIRO has selected and crossed Australian native limes to produce new citrus varieties with their own unique taste.

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