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New CSIRO lime varieties

CSIRO has selected and crossed Australian native limes to produce new citrus varieties with their own unique taste.

Dr Megan Hemming: development and yield in cereals

Dr Megan Hemming is studying the genetic control of development and yield in cereals.

GM wheat and barley trial - DIR111

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) has approved CSIRO's application to establish a small field plot of experimental genetically modified (GM) wheat and barley in the ACT. (3 pages)

GM wheat and barley trial - DIR099

The CSIRO Food Futures National Research Flagship is conducting genetically modified (GM) wheat and barley trials in New South Wales and Western Australia. (2 pages)

GM wheat and barley trial - DIR093

The CSIRO Food Futures National Research Flagship is conducting a GM wheat and barley trial in the ACT. The trial is part of a larger project to investigate grains with enhanced nutritional properties.

GM wheat and barley trial - DIR094

The CSIRO Food Futures National Research Flagship conducting a GM wheat and barley trial in the ACT. The trial aims to evaluate the nitrogen use efficiency of these experimental plants.

GM wheat trial - DIR092

The CSIRO Food Futures National Research Flagship is conducting a GM wheat trial in the ACT. The trial aims to confirm the new grain's health benefits and to investigate its baking characteristics.

Plant Industry Researchers

Plant Industry researchers promote profitable and sustainable agrifood, fibre and horticultural industries, developing new plant products and improving natural resource management.

2012 Grains Research Update Events

CSIRO researchers are attending a number of Grains Research and Development (GRDC) Research Updates in coming months to cover topics like: soil carbon, water use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency and new technology for farmers and land managers.

Dr Tim Fitzgerald: improving crown rot resistance in wheat and barley

Dr Tim Fitzgerald is working to find wheat and barley lines resistant to Fusarium fungus.

Soybean research for a growing industry information sheet

This is a two-page information sheet about CSIRO's efforts to breed better soybean varieties.

Dr TJ Higgins: researching legume gene technology

Dr TJ Higgins is a leading researcher in plant gene technology particularly in improving nutritional value and resistance against pests and diseases.

Renewable industrial chemicals from plants

CSIRO Plant Industry in collaboration with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is researching plants that may be able to replace petrochemicals in the manufacture of polymers and other industrial products.

Sustainable farming

CSIRO is studying management practices such as crop sequence, nitrogen fertiliser application, and tillage and stubble management with the aim of helping farms remain sustainable and profitable into the future.

Food security: improving agriculture to face global challenges

CSIRO Plant Industry scientists are working to improve agriculture to face global challenges such as the need to increase food production as the world population is due to soar to nine billion by 2050.

Lupins: crop improvement

CSIRO researchers are well positioned to capitalise on rapid advances in comparative legume genomics to help accelerate lupin crop improvement. Lupin research is now at an exciting stage with strong foundations established, including the development of genomic resources, molecular marker development, lupin transformation and the initiation of narrow-leaf lupin genome sequencing. 

Legumes: developing better crops

CSIRO is working with legume seed crops such as soybeans, lupins, chickpeas and cowpeas, to develop drought tolerance, improve nutritional value and tackle disease.

Adapting plants to a changing climate

CSIRO is identifying the likely impacts of climate change on plant growth and production and its effects on farming.

Grains go on an even bigger ‘health kick’

A new generation of grain-based foods could soon play a major role in improving public health, according to one of Australia’s leading biologists, CSIRO’s Dr Matthew Morell.

Plant diversity and conservation

CSIRO studies Australian plant diversity and community ecology and aims to conserve and protect it against threats such as exotic plant invasions.

Fighting disease, pests and weeds

CSIRO has extensive capabilities in researching, understanding and tackling various insect pests of plants, plant diseases and weeds.

Lupin flour gives pizza power (Podcast 05 Jan 2012)

Dr Rhonda Foley is examining the seed storage protein genes in lupins. The aim of this work is to identify important proteins that play a role in nutrition, including proteins involved in satiety -- the sensation of 'feeling full' -- and lowering blood glucose which may play a role in combating diabetes.

Dr Jairo Palta: adapting lupin and wheat

Dr Jairo Palta studies the physiology and genetics of processes that enhance adaptation of wheat and lupin to the Mediterranean climate region of south-western Australia.

How much diversity can you find in a Yellow Box?

How much diversity can you find in a Yellow Box?

A hands-on history of our nation's floral emblem (Podcast 08 Sep 2009)

In this vodcast, Dr Joe Miller, from the Centre for Plant biodiversity Research explains the Tree of trees display which focuses on the family tree of Australia’s national floral emblem, the golden wattle. (4:08)

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