Tara Konarzewski is investigating how invasive plant species like Paterson's Curse cope the changing climate

Plant Industry Researchers

Plant Industry researchers promote profitable and sustainable agrifood, fibre and horticultural industries, developing new plant products and improving natural resource management.

Dr Evans Lagudah: molecular genetics and breeding to improve cereals

Dr Evans Lagudah leads a team investigating plant disease resistance genes to help improve cereal crops.

Dr Everard Edwards: sustaining grapevine performance

Dr Everard Edwards is investigating the long-term effects of deficit irrigation on grapevines with the aim of improving irrigation management.

Dr Fernanda Dreccer: adapting wheat

Dr Fernanda Dreccer studies the physiological basis for enhanced adaptation of wheat to rainfed farming systems in the northern wheatbelt of Australia.

Dr Filomena Pettolino: uncovering the biochemistry of cotton

Dr Filomena Pettolino has extensive research experience in the chemistry and biochemistry of plant, algal and fungal cell walls.

Dr Fracisco Encinas-Viso: studying the evolution of plant sex.

Dr Encinas-Viso is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research studying the evolution of plant mating systems.

Dr Frank Gubler: researching plant hormones

Dr Frank Gubler researches the hormonal regulation of gene expression in plants and is Program Leader for Genomics and Plant Development.

Dr Gang-Ping Xue: studying drought adaptation genes

Dr Gang-Ping Xue is investigating genes involved in drought adaptation in wheat.

Dr Afshin Grahramani: Modelling future agricultural systems

Dr Afshin Ghahramani is investigating how agricultural systems will adapt to predicted changes to the climate.

Dr Gonzalo Estavillo: Enhancing photosynthesis and crop yield improvement

Dr Estavillo is a plant physiologist and molecular biologist building capabilities in plant photosynthesis and Phenomics to study the potential links between photosynthesis and crop yield.

Dr Graham Bonnett: improving agricultural productivity

Dr Graham Bonnett is leading a theme of research aimed at improving agricultural productivity whilst ensuring environmental health.

Dr Allan Green: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry

Dr Allan Green is Deputy Chief of CSIRO Plant Industry and his research focus is on bioengineering of oil crops.

Dr Greg Constable: leading cotton research

Dr Greg Constable is a leader in cotton research, investigating plant breeding, genetically modified cotton varieties, higher yield management packages, improved sustainability and reducing insecticide use.

Dr Greg Rebetzke: breeding wheat

Dr Greg Rebetzke leads a CSIRO Plant Industry team involved in physiological and molecular wheat breeding.

Dr Greg Tanner: developing low gluten cereals

Dr Greg Tanner is using protein purification techniques to help modify the properties of plants.

Dr Harry Wu: researching tree genetics and breeding

Dr Harry Wu uses his expertise in forest genetics to improve productivity and wood quality in forest plantations. His outstanding contributions to Australian tree improvement were recently recognised by a Special Contribution Award from the Southern Tree Breeding Association.

Dr Heping Zhang: improving wheat and canola yield in the high rainfall zone

Dr Heping Zhang is assessing yield potential and constraints to wheat and canola production in the high rainfall zone.

Dr Iain Wilson: improving cotton genetics

Dr Iain Wilson applies cutting edge technology to advance the understanding of molecular processes in cotton.

Dr Ian Rochester: assessing soil fertility for cotton

Dr Ian Rochester specialises in assessing and understanding soil fertility for growing cotton.

Dr Jairo Palta: adapting lupin and wheat

Dr Jairo Palta studies the physiology and genetics of processes that enhance adaptation of wheat and lupin to the Mediterranean climate region of south-western Australia.

Dr James Hunt: improving water use efficiency in mixed broadacre farming

Dr James Hunt studies aspects of water use efficiency in mixed broadacre farming systems through field experiments and investigations using farming system models.

Dr James Petrie: metabolic engineering of plant oils

Dr James Petrie's research aims to modify the oil content and oil profile of plants. His current focus in on producing long chain omega-3 oils in land plants, and increasing the levels of seed and leaf oil produced in plants.

Dr Jean Finnegan: understanding flowering

Dr Jean Finnegan leads research into the control of the initiation of flowering and the role of epigenetic regulation in plant development at CSIRO Plant Industry.

Dr Jean-Philippe Ral: improving starch quality in cereals

Dr Jean-Philippe Ral leads the Cereal Quality Group, exploring the genetic basis of starch metabolism.

Dr Jeff Ellis: unravelling plant diseases

Dr Jeff Ellis is applying molecular biology to improve disease and pest resistance in crops and researching the use of gene transfer technology to unravel fundamental aspects of plant biology.

Dr Jenny Clement: improving cotton fibre quality and yield

Dr Jenny Clement is improving cotton fibre quality and yield for better industrial fibres.

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