Tara Konarzewski is investigating how invasive plant species like Paterson's Curse cope the changing climate

Plant Industry Researchers

Plant Industry researchers promote profitable and sustainable agrifood, fibre and horticultural industries, developing new plant products and improving natural resource management.

Dr Mark Peoples: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry

Dr Mark Peoples has particular research interests in farming methods to manage nitrogen and water, subsoil constraints, soil biology and lucerne.

Dr Mark R Thomas: understanding grapevine genetics

Research by Dr Mark R Thomas is improving our understanding of the function of grapevine genes, helping to improve grape and wine quality.

Dr Megan Hemming: development and yield in cereals

Dr Megan Hemming is studying the genetic control of development and yield in cereals.

Dr Michael Ayliffe: improving rust resistance

Dr Michael Ayliffe aims to improve rust resistance in cereals by using transgenic (gene technology) approaches.

Dr Michael Bange: leading research into cotton crop physiology and management

Dr Michael Bange develops decision support tools to assist cotton farm management.

Dr Michael Braunack: improving water and nutrient use efficiency in cotton

Dr Michael Braunack is undertaking research on cotton farming systems to improve resource use efficiency.

Dr Michelle Watt: helping wheat roots take up water

Dr Michelle Watt researches how roots grow and take up water from soil, and how they interact with soil microorganisms.

Dr Milos Ivkovich: improving the profitability of radiata pine and other wood products

Dr Milos Ivkovich is a quantitative geneticist who combines genetics, wood science and economics to improve the profitability of radiata pine and other wood products.

Dr Ming-Bo Wang: researching RNA silencing in gene control and disease resistance

Dr Ming-Bo Wang researches the RNA silencing in plants, in particular the mechanistic and the applied aspects of RNA silencing in plants. 

Dr Narayana Upadhyaya: examining wheat stem rust

Dr Narayana Upadhyaya is exploring the genes involved with stem rust infection in wheat.

Dr Nicola Cottee: searching for heat tolerant cotton

Dr Nicola Cottee is working to identify high temperature tolerance in cotton cultivars.

Dr Paul Berkman: piecing together sugarcane’s complex genome

Paul applies new DNA sequencing technologies to sugarcane, a crop plant with a particularly challenging DNA code that is more than three times bigger than in humans.

Dr Paul Boss: linking grape development with wine flavour and aroma

Dr Paul Boss is researching how grape genotype, environment and management affects wine flavour and aroma.

Paul Warburton: investigating Eucalyptus hybrid production and evaluation

Mr Paul Warburton researches the production, evaluation and deployment of Eucalyptus hybrids in subtropical and tropical plantation forests.

Dr Peter Dodds: investigating the molecular basis of rust disease resistance

Dr Dodds' research aims to elucidate how plants recognise and respond to pathogens with the ultimate aim of protecting important food crops from devastating diseases.

Dr Peter Ryan: helping plants cope in hostile soils

Dr Peter Ryan is investigating how root biology and rhizospheric processes can improve crop production on hostile soils.

Dr Peter Thrall: investigating plant-microbe relationships

Dr Peter Thrall leads research to improve plant production and protect plants from disease and pests.

Dr Philip Larkin: improving wheat

Dr Philip Larkin researches wheat germplasm improvement.

Dr Phillip Jackson: breeding sugarcane varieties

Dr Phillip Jackson is developing sugarcane varieties with better cane yield, adaptation to adverse environments and increased sucrose content.

Dr Phil Ward: measuring plant water use

Dr Phil Ward researches plant water use to improve water management on farms.

Dr Pushkar Shrestha: making oil seed crops healthier

Dr Pushkar Shrestha is developing long-chain omega-3 oil in seed crops.

Dr Rana Munns: improving crops for saline soils

Dr Rana Munns leads research to investigate and improve the salt tolerance of crops.

Dr Rhonda Foley: investigating plant response to diseases

Dr Rhonda Foley is studying plant defence regulation to understand how crops can be more effective against pathogens.

Dr Richard Culvenor: researching and breeding perennial grasses

Dr Richard Culvenor focuses on the use of perennial grasses for low rainfall conditions.

Dr Richard James: breeding salt tolerant wheat varieties

Dr Richard James is breeding wheat varieties to combat salinity.

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