Tara Konarzewski is investigating how invasive plant species like Paterson's Curse cope the changing climate

Plant Industry Researchers

Plant Industry researchers promote profitable and sustainable agrifood, fibre and horticultural industries, developing new plant products and improving natural resource management.

Dr Richard Richards: breeding better wheat

Dr Richard Richards is leading research to breed higher yielding wheats by better understanding the variation in growth, development and yield of wheat.

Dr Richard Simpson: pasture systems agronomy, farm productivity and sustainability

Dr Richard Simpson is an agronomist researching pasture management, botanical composition, forages for livestock, plant nutrition and fertiliser use.

Dr Robert Furbank: researching photosynthesis, Phenomics and plant carbon partitioning

Dr Robert Furbank aims to improve crop yield and product quality by researching photosynthesis carbon partitioning using new plant Phenomics and genetic tools.

Dr Robert Godfree: researching the population biology of native and introduced plants

Dr Robert Godfree is a Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO Plant Industry and is researching population biology of native and introduced plants.

Dr Rob Walker: improving salt tolerance and water use efficiency

Dr Rob Walker is increasing our understanding of how plants tolerate salinity and limited water availability, particularly how some plants can limit the uptake of salt and how this contributes to salt tolerance.

Dr Roger Meder: how good’s the wood?

Dr Roger Meder uses advanced spectroscopy and imaging techniques to assess wood quality.

Dr Rohit Mago: molecular genetics and breeding to improve cereals

Dr Rohit Mago is a Senior Research Scientist in Plant Resistance Genes group.

Dr Rosanne Casu: profiling sugarcane genes

Dr Rosanne Casu researches sugarcane genomics to investigate genes involved in sugar production and storage.

Dr Rosemary White: understanding plant development

Dr Rosemary White investigates how plant development is controlled at the cellular level and manages CSIRO's Microscopy Centre in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Dr Rudy Dolferus: researching abiotic stress responses

Dr Rudy Dolferus investigates the molecular biology of abiotic stress responses in plants, such as cold-induced pollen sterility in rice.

Dr Sally-Ann Walford: studying cotton fibre

Dr Sally-Ann Walford is investigating the molecular basis for cotton fibre growth and development.

Dr Sam Periyannan: mapping and cloning rust resistance genes

Dr Sam Periyannan is developing methods to identify and validate molecular markers linked to rust resistance in wheat.

Sandra Williams: Supporting the development of computerised decision tools.

Sandra Williams is involved in the development of cotton decision support systems.

Dr Scott Chapman: improving breeding methods

Dr Scott Chapman is improving crop adaptation via genetics and physiology through the development of improved breeding methods.

Dr Simon Robinson: understanding the contribution of grapes to wine quality

Dr Simon Robinson has an active research program in viticulture, studying the factors controlling ripening and fruit quality in grapes and regulation of the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in plants.

Dr Simon Southerton: unlocking the genetic secrets of trees

Dr Simon Southerton’s work on identifying genes responsible for commericially important wood traits will result in significant benefits for the plantation forest industry.

Dr Stephen Yeates: researching cotton and tropical farming systems

Dr Stephen Yeates leads CSIRO's research into sustainable tropical farming systems, physiology and agronomy of cotton and grain crops.

Dr Steve Jobling: developing healthy new cereals

Dr Steve Jobling and his team are developing new cereal varieties with nutritional benefits and unique quality attributes.

Prof Steve Swain: studying plant hormones and reproductive development

Prof Steve Swain is developing novel methods of weed control based on targeting plants' reproductive development.

Dr Surinder Singh: modifying plant oils

Dr Surinder Singh is Group Leader of the Oilseeds Group of CSIRO Plant Industry's Metabolic Engineering of New Plant Products program and is developing new plant oils for edible and industrial uses.

Dr Susie Sprague: caring for canola

Dr Susie Sprague is studying effective farm management in relation to Blackleg - a plant disease that targets canola crops.

Dr Tim Fitzgerald: improving crown rot resistance in wheat and barley

Dr Tim Fitzgerald is working to find wheat and barley lines resistant to Fusarium fungus.

Dr TJ Higgins: researching legume gene technology

Dr TJ Higgins is a leading researcher in plant gene technology particularly in improving nutritional value and resistance against pests and diseases.

Dr Ulrike Schumann: studying RNA silencing in fungi

Dr Ulrike Schumann is working to understand the role of ribonucleic acid (RNA) silencing during fungal plant infection.

Dr Warwick Stiller: breeding better cotton

Dr Warwick Stiller is part of a large and sophisticated cotton breeding program at CSIRO Plant Industry.

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