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CAF Working Paper 4: Adaptation benchmarking survey: initial report

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper reports on survey research conducted to assess the current level of climate adaptation planning being undertaken in organisations in Australia. (68 pages)

The science of climate change - brochure

This 6-page brochure gives a concise summary of the scientific evidence about climate change and its impacts for Australia.

CAF Working Paper 2: Framing vulnerability and adaptive capacity assessment: Discussion paper

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper provides definitions and explanations of key concepts relating to climate adaptation, assessing climate vulnerability and adaptive capacity. (60 pages)

CAF Working Paper 9: An investigation of extreme heatwave events and their effects on building and infrastructure

This 122 page report presents results of an initial study of extreme heatwave events in order to understand when ‘hot temperatures’ are likely to impact on building and infrastructure performance.

Climate change and invasive plants in South Australia

This report identifies weed threats and adaptation options for South Australia under projected future climate. Researchers found that increasing temperatures will allow many weed species to invade further south and east in South Australia. (107 pages)

Bringing home the benefits of smart metering (Podcast 24 May 2010)

A new web-based smart metering system has been developed by CSIRO to enable householders, small businesses and electricity retailers to remotely manage energy use over a broadband Internet connection. (4:56)

The how-to of adapting agriculture to climate change (Podcast 03 Mar 2010)

As climate change becomes a reality in Australia, a team of experts, including scientists from CSIRO, have published a book containing solid information to help farmers adapt to growing food under changed conditions. (5:31)

East Lake Wetland Interface Study

This report will inform the planning and design of the interface between the urban development of East Lake and the conservation values of the Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve. (106 pages)

CAF Working Paper 7: Typologies in vulnerability assessments and adaptation science

In this Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper, the authors have studied the use of typologies in the field of climate vulnerability assessments and adaptation sciences. (30 pages)

Staying healthy under climate change: a long-term prescription (Podcast 06 Apr 2011)

Protecting urban Australians from a range of health risks associated with global warming is the focus of a new research cluster that will investigate health issues ranging from the spread of mosquito-borne diseases to heat stress, air pollution and food security. (10:51)

Sustainable Cities and Coasts in a Changing Climate brochure

CSIRO researchers are developing planning, design, infrastructure and management solutions to help Australia’s cities and coasts adapt to a changing climate. (2 pages)

CAF Working Paper 3: A framework for stakeholder engagement on climate adaptation

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper outlines best practice methods for engaging with stakeholders on the issue of climate adaptation. (32 pages)

CAF Working paper 8: Understanding climate change adaptation as a national challenge

This report provides a cross-sectoral perspective on the key challenges relevant to climate change adaptation in Australia in a holistic and multi-thematic/sectoral manner.

Mapping Climate Change Vulnerability in the Sydney Coastal Councils Region

The summary report ‘Mapping Climate Change Vulnerability in the Sydney Coastal Councils Region’ has been produced by the Sydney Coastal Councils Group (SCCG) and the CSIRO Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship, in collaboration with the University of the Sunshine Coast. 

Second Annual Survey of Australian Attitudes to Climate Change: INTERIM REPORT

A survey of 5030 Australians was conducted in July and August of 2011 seeking people’s understandings of climate change. This 38 page interim report outlines the results of the survey.

Climate Futures: Preparing Coastal Tourism for Climate Change report

CSIRO and Tourism Queensland have trialled an adaptation planning tool to assist tourism operators in North Queensland plan for impacts of a changing climate. (32 pages)

Science for tomorrow: New developments

This extract from Farming Ahead contains four stories on rainfall decline, Fusarium, the 'Cottonscope' and sustainable crops. (1 page)

CAF Working Paper 10: Heat stress in dairy cattle in northern Victoria: responses to a changing climate

This 72 page report details research in the Murray Dairy region designed to give us a better understanding of how cows respond to heat stress and how the changing nature of heat stress will affect cattle and their milk production.


The report assesses the impact of climate change on the nature and frequency of exceptional climatic events (one-in-20-years) associated with drought conditions. It concludes that the extent and frequency of exceptionally hot years is likely to rise rapidly in Australia over coming decades. [external link]

CAF Working Paper 1: Climate change vulnerability assessment: Review of agricultural productivity

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper 1 reviews current methods and approaches for assessing the vulnerability of Australian agriculture to climate variability and change. (52 pages)

CAF Working Paper 5: Climate adaptation in the Australian mining and exploration industries

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper reports the initial findings of a project that is underway to assess the impacts of climate change on the Australian mining industry. (32 pages)

Goldfields-Esperance Regional Mining Climate Vulnerability Workshop: outcomes report

Some major areas of vulnerability were identified at a 2010 workshop aimed at gaining a greater understanding of the potential impacts of climate variability and change on the mining industry in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. (42 pages)

Fish farmers out to scale climate change (Podcast 24 Feb 2011)

Marine scientists are trialling the first near-shore water temperature forecasts to assist Australia’s aquaculture farm managers contending with rising ocean temperatures. (6:53)

CAF Working Paper 6: Coastal inundation under climate change: a case study in South East Queensland

This Climate Adaptation Flagship Working Paper assesses the costs and benefits of proactive, planned adaptation on built infrastructure in South East Queensland, a region recognised as facing a high risk of inundation in the future. (30 pages)

Science in support of Rio+20 (Podcast 14 May 2012)

In March 2012, the Planet Under Pressure conference brought together 3000 leading experts– including CSIRO scientists– to provide scientific leadership for the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20. (10:01)

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