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New research: Organic meets inorganic

Mineral explorers have had great success in using ancient coral reefs to find zinc deposits in the Kimberley, but links between organic matter and ore deposits remain a mystery. A WA research cluster is examining this relationship. Tim Treadgold reports

Feature: Nitric Nickel

A new environmentally friendly processing method that uses and recycles nitric acid could unlock 70 per cent of the world’s nickel. Tim Treadgold reports

New research: Paradigm shift

Research and industry partners have come together to develop practical tools to predict the performance of certain ore bodies throughout the processing stage of the mine cycle. David Simpson reports

Mineral to Metal: Nickel (Ni)

Nickel is a versatile metal that is strong and alloys readily. These traits, combined with its resistance to heat and corrosion, mean that it is a perfect ingredient for making stainless steel. About 65 per cent of the world’s nickel is used in stainless steel production

Industry perspective: Cultivating good ideas

Sydney-based company Direct Nickel is set to unlock millions of tonnes of untapped nickel laterite reserves with a new extraction process, but it hasn’t worked alone. Direct Nickel managing director and CEO Russell Debney explains the benefits and importance of strategic collaboration.

Director's comment: Collaborating for the future

Message from Jonathan Law, Director of the CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship.

Exploration: A glass earth

Unprecedented collaboration has brought together government, research institutes, universities and industry in a bold initiative to look through the regolith and uncover the next generation of Australia’s mineral wealth. Tony Heselev reports

International: The Chilean connection

The CSIRO Chile Centre of Excellence is the first offshore venture for CSIRO. Kathy Uribe investigates how Australia’s national science agency ended up in South America

Industry perspective: Checking all vital signs

BHP Billiton’s senior manager in research and development, Dr Peter Lilly, believes sensors are crucial for monitoring the heartbeat of industry operations

Ore sorting: Sound technology making waves

An ore sorting sensor that uses landmark radio frequency research could hold the key to cost-effective and sustainable mining operations. Tony Heselev reports

New technologies: SLAM dunk

The ‘holy grail’ of practical and cost-effective 3D mobile mapping is now a reality. Maryrose Cuskelly reports

Director's comment: Sensing solutions

Message from Jonathan Law, Director of the CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship

Research perspective: The sense in saving

Sensor technologies are integral in the quest for economic savings writes Dr Nick Cutmore, leader of intelligent mining and online analysis research at CSIRO

New technologies: Point and shoot

Portable x-ray fluorescence 'guns' are providing a new way to quickly analyse the mineralogy of ore bodies. Tim Treadgold reports

Mineral to metal: Gold (Au)

A soft and malleable metal, gold is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and can be whitened by adding nickel or palladium

Industry engagement: Manufacturing success

A successful partnership with industry has led to the commercialisation of CSIRO’s Hylogging system. Jodie Parry investigates how this technology is revolutionising the exploration industry, in Australia and around the world

Collaboration: What lies beneath

The Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre is looking into faster and more sustainable ways to detect mineral deposits deeper underground. David Simpson reports

Feature break out: A golden discovery

Kentor Gold’s discovery of previously unexplored copper-gold zones at its Jervois project in the Northern Territory happened almost by chance. It was a case of the right people being in the right place to receive the right information. Adam Courtenay reports

International: New field of vision

An advanced detection system developed to accurately locate ore bodies is also used to find undetonated explosives. Tony Heselev reports

A brave new world

Tim Thwaites explores the modern world of sensors and sensor networks

Feature: Looking at the big picture

A world-first suite of maps is changing the way explorers look for minerals. Adam Courtenay reports

Director's comment: Tackling major issues

Message from Jonathan Law, Director of the CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship.

International: Water rights

The challenge of operating in a dry climate with scarce water supplies is not unique to the Australian minerals industry. Tim Treadgold speaks with Dr Mike Trefry about water management in Chile.

Collaboration: Social science

Christine Williams investigates how community engagement can inform technology development.

Mineral to metal: Iron (Fe)

Iron is the second most common element on earth and is thought to be a major component of the earth’s crust and inner core.

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