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Biomarkers to nip bowel cancer in the bud

Finding biomarkers for earliest-stage colorectal cancer will help to lower mortality rates in individuals at risk of developing this disease.

Cohort study of stroke

Substantially reducing the millions of cases of stroke recorded worldwide every year is the focus of this collaborative CSIRO research cluster.

World leading researchers collaborate for Alzheimer's study

CSIRO has brought together world experts in a major study to investigate Alzheimer’s disease.

Perth: Floreat, WA (Centre for Environment and Life Sciences (CELS))

The Centre for Environment and Life Sciences draws together the capabilities of seven CSIRO research areas to provide solutions to environmental management problems and to improve the health of Australians.

Colorectal cancer and gut health

Find out about Preventative Health Flagship research on improving gut health, and the prevention, susceptibility, early detection and diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Obesity and metabolic health

Scientists in the Preventative Health Flagship are working to understand the causes of obesity, and developing strategies to manage and prevent it.

Professor Lynne Cobiac: Director, Preventative Health Flagship

Professor Lynne Cobiac leads CSIRO’s Preventative Health Flagship in delivering scientific outcomes that have a positive impact on the Australian community.

Early cancer screening saves lives

Together with collaborators, the Flagship aims to better understand peoples’ risk perception and intention to undertake screening for bowel cancer

Biobank to aid disease prediction and diagnosis

A 'biobank' of blood samples from healthy elderly Australians will aid research in the prediction and early diagnosis of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer.

International collaboration in food, health and life sciences

CSIRO works with industry leaders around the world to solve challenges related to food security and human health.

Neurodegenerative diseases and mental disorders

With life expectancies increasing around the world, populations are ageing and neurodegenerative diseases have become a global issue.

Medical devices

Medical devices research occurs at the interface of biological, chemical, physical, electronics, engineering and manufacturing sciences. It utilises biological properties, processes and systems to develop new and clever materials, faster and more precise techniques, diagnoses and treatments. With expertise in 3D imaging, health monitoring, polymer chemistry, tissue engineering and prototyping, CSIRO pioneers biomedical device research including orthopaedic and ophthalmic implants.

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Fast & Fresh Recipes

A new collection of recipes from the scientifically proven program, with ideas for making mouth-watering meals in no time at all.

Biotechnology glossary

This page provides easy to understand definitions of common biotechnology words and terms.

Resistant starch may offer potential to help protect against bowel cancer

Consumption of resistant starch leads to positive changes in the bowel and could protect against genetic damage implicated in bowel cancer.

Major Alzheimer’s study launched (Podcast 14 Nov 2006)

In this nine-minute podcast, Professor David Ames from the University of Melbourne discusses a major study into Alzheimer’s disease. (8:02)


This two-page information sheet describes how the Food Futures Flagship and the Preventative Health Flagship are discovering food components that protect the human body against disease development and progression.

Resistant starch: designing foods for better health

This two-page information sheet outlines the research programs in the Food Futures Flagship and Preventative Health Flagship to determine the health benefits of resistant starch.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Recipe Book

This collection of 130 recipes is the long-awaited cookbook supplement to the phenomenally successful CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet books.

Healthy Heart Program: about the book

The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program is your comprehensive guide to the CSIRO’s Complete Lifestyle Program (CLIP) eating and exercise plan.

New bid to tackle childhood obesity (Podcast 19 Jan 2007)

In this five-and-a-half minute podcast, Professor Tim Olds from University of South Australia, discusses one of the most important surveys of children to ever take place in Australia. (5:34)

Eating for life (Podcast 16 Mar 2009)

With cardiovascular disease killing about one Australian every 10 minutes and preventing 1.4 million people from living a full life because of the disease, one of Australia's leading nutritionists is urging Australians to think about their hearts. (4:48)

Computer games offering a healthy escape (Podcast 12 Aug 2010)

New computer game software developed by CSIRO is allowing game players to get more physically involved with their game of choice. (6:04)

Foods to promote gut health and protect against colorectal cancer

The Preventative Health Flagship is investigating new foods for improved gut health, and better ways of delivering active components of food into the gut.

The CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids

The CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids contains practical information, based on science, for parents to use to positively influence children’s eating and activity habits.

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