Group of people sorting forage on the ground.

Partnering with international communities to create sustainable livelihoods

CSIRO scientists are researching development issues including food security, sustainable forestry and natural resource management.

  • 22 June 2011 | Updated 27 June 2012

Working with communities and local researchers we are identifying pathways to develop and improve sustainable livelihoods and increase the capability of our partners.

CSIRO is developing strong international research partnerships that can assist rural communities to raise agricultural and forest productivity, whilst minimising greenhouse gas emissions and reducing unintended impacts of these production practices.

Priority research areas include addressing issues of food and fibre security in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Research examples

Delivering improved water use efficiency for south Asian farmers

CSIRO scientists will help train 24 scientists from six south Asian countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in methods of farming systems research.

Linking farmers to markets in South Africa

Research by CSIRO and South African partners has supported a group of smallholder farmers to enter commercial markets through diversified and improved farming systems.

Developing a sustainable plantation-based wood supply in Indonesia and Vietnam

Over the last two decades, CSIRO has worked with research agencies, wood-growing and wood-processing industries, and rural communities in Indonesia and Vietnam to develop a sustainable plantation resource based on tropical Acacia species.

Fixing food security with forage legumes

One of Indonesia’s poorest provinces faces dire food security issues, but forage legumes could provide a surprising solution.

Cropping Bangladesh’s rabi season

Bangladesh consumes more than twice the wheat it grows, and importing the shortfall is eating into its foreign currency reserves – but researchers have identified potential for large increases in production.

Improving the livelihoods of coffee growers in the highlands of Papua New Guinea

CSIRO is working with smallholder families to increase the productivity of coffee-based farming systems.

Benefits to Australia

Through working with developing countries, CSIRO aims to provide technical assistance to developing sustainable livelihoods.

However, many of the experiences and knowledge of our international partners could inform domestic approaches to natural resource management in Australia. Hence the Flagship is seeking to form meaningful two-way relationships with our international partners.

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