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World interest in Australian fishery impact test

An Australian method for assessing the environmental impact of marine fisheries has caught the eye of fishery management agencies worldwide.

Science improving the ecological health of the Basin

Scientists and water managers from around the Murray-Darling Basin will meet in Sydney this week to discuss how the health of ecosystems across the Basin will respond to future water availability in the context of a changing climate.

Giant ocean eddy shadows Sydney

The giant ocean eddy that cooled Sydney’s shores a year ago has been superseded by another 300 km diameter giant.

BLUElink: A triumph of scientific collaboration

Users of the vast ocean areas around Australia will be able to obtain broad-scale information on ocean currents, temperature and salinity for the first time following today’s launch of BLUElink – a new ocean forecast system.

Unique partnership to examine Australia’s western oceans

A new $A21 million, five-year research collaboration was announced today in Western Australia that will increase understanding and improve management of the oceans to Australia’s west.

CSIRO imagery shows outer Great Barrier Reef at risk from river plumes

A stunning series of satellite imagery of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef released by the CSIRO shows for the first time visual confirmation of the theory that sediment plumes travel to the outer reef, and beyond.

Research spotlight turns on Ningaloo region

A new $12 million research collaboration was announced today for Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef Region.

Genomics builds marine know-how

CSIRO’s Wealth from Oceans Flagship is exploring how modern genomics can contribute to marine conservation and management by providing data more effectively and perhaps yielding new types of data.

New model for ocean research

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship has been established to provide Australia with the capacity to realise the potential economic and environmental benefits to be gained from its oceans, the Flagship’s Director, Craig Roy, said in Cairns today.

Oceans of opportunity

CSIRO’s Wealth from Oceans Flagship is embarking upon a major joint research program designed to retrieve currently inaccessible offshore energy reserves the Flagship’s Director, Craig Roy, said in London today.

A 20th century acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise

Using information from tide gauges and measurements from satellites, Dr John Church and Dr Neil White estimated changes in global mean sea levels since 1870.

The SHARC consortium: a proposal

Industry participation is being sought in a joint industry project aimed at improving the understanding of shale behaviour. (20 pages)

Simulation of coastal subsidence and storm wave inundation risk in the Gippsland Basin

This study has produced a coastal inundation risk map for the Gippsland Basin. (96 pages)

A bird's-eye view of southern bluefin tuna brochure

This brochure describes how the Wealth from Oceans Flagship is conducing aerial surveys each summer over the Great Australian Bight to keep an eye on schools of southern bluefin tuna. (4 pages)

CurrentsChange WfO FeatureArticle

A powerful new suite of ocean models that can predict the influence of ocean currents on marine activity has been developed in a milestone collaboration between the Royal Australian Navy, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Wealth from Oceans Flagship.

BLUElink> ocean forecasting for Australia's future

This six-page brochure describes the BLUElink> ocean forecasting system, which provides timely predictions of the ocean conditions around Australia.

Future Research Vessel Project Consultation and Engagement Strategy

The Future Research Vessel Project Consultation and Engagement Strategy details the project background, scope, terms of reference, structure and operation. (14 pages)

Future Research Vessel Project brochure

This brochure details CSIRO's project to deliver a new research vessel for the Marine National Facility. (2 pages)

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