Our Goal

The Food, Health and Life Science Industries Group aims to deliver sustainable productivity growth and value to food and fibre production in support of the economy, the environment and the health of Australians.

We are achieving this through scientific excellence in the biological and food sciences, creating profound impact across the agricultural value chain, health, biosecurity and life science industries.

The Group delivers these outcomes through four national research flagships and two research divisions, drawing on world class expertise across CSIRO, and in partnership with a wide variety of R&D partners and collaborators.

We aim to deliver new and enhanced science-based solutions and technology to meet the following core objectives:

Food security and agriculture - to significantly and sustainably enhance food and agricultural yield and productivity in a natural resource and carbon constrained world.

Health and wellbeing - to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians throughout life via the prevention and early detection of chronic diseases and by developing healthier foods.

Safeguarding Australia - to create an inclusive and integrated national biosecurity system that provides cutting-edge diagnostic, surveillance and response systems to respond to challenges arising from increasing global interconnectivity, open access trade and climate change.

Industry development - to enhance Australia’s economy by building new life science industries and increasing the competitiveness of existing ones.