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Engaging Indigenous Communities in World Heritage declarations: processes and practice

Chapter 21 of the Australian Committee for IUCN book 'Keeping the Outstanding Exceptional: the Future of World Heritage in Australia'.

Biosecurity and invasive species

We have a history of biological control successes and our scientists are using their expertise to find more natural enemies of introduced weeds.

Managing recovery: tools for sustainable grazing in the Burdekin catchment

An information pack on sustainable grazing for graziers to assist in land management.

Understanding floodplain ecosystems

CSIRO's research to better understand and predict the response of floodplain ecosystems to environmental change will enable more effective environmental water regimes.

Dr Simon Barry: Program Leader, Data Science

Dr Simon Barry is Program Leader for Data Science in CSIRO Computational Informatics.

What’s in Our Water symposium 2007

CSIRO’s Discovery Centre hosted the 2nd Australian Symposium on Ecological Risk Assessment and Management of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in the Australasian Environment 21-22 November 2007.

CSIRO's Indigenous Engagement Strategy

CSIRO's strategy for engaging and collaborating with Australia's Indigenous peoples. (1 page)

CSIRO launches Mandarin Podcasts

A series of podcasts in Mandarin language were launched in Canberra today which highlight careers in science and in working with Australian science and industry to a potential audience of 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Dr Andrew Reeson: behavioural economist

Dr Andrew Reeson is using experimental economics to understand human decision making processes that influence the management of natural resources.

Bringing the community into World Heritage through biocultural diversity—issues and policy implications

Biocultural diversity depends on traditional and local peoples’ management systems.

Robson Creek Rainforest Research

Australia’s first large-scale rainforest research plot in North Queensland will allow scientists to monitor the rainforest over the long term and answer questions about the health of this highly biodiverse Australian ecosystem.

Biodiversity Profiling: Components of a continental biodiversity information capability

This study explores key components for developing a national biodiversity monitoring capability.

Atlas of Living Australia celebrates 40 million milestone

How many amphibians, arthropods or protozoa are living in your backyard? With over 40 million specimen records now available online in one location, you can find out!

Ants Down Under website

Ants Down Under provides an overview of all ants found in Australia, and includes information about their biology, identification, distribution, and links to published literature.

Examining the limits to growth (Podcast 11 Nov 2008)

The Limits to Growth, published in 1972, was a landmark publication when first released, one of the first studies to link the world economy with the state of the environment. In this podcast, Dr Graham Turner talks about his recent study that validates one of the book’s key scenarios. (7:30)

Handing back the past: a journey to Martu country with old photos

'Handing back the past' is a film that tells the story of CSIRO ethnoecologist, Fiona Walsh, returning to Martu country in remote Western Australia to repatriate old photographs and records.

Sustaining food webs within the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth region

This project delivered information and models that can be used to investigate the effects of river flows on the production and use of organic matter at the ecosystem level in the Coorong and Murray Mouth region.

CLLAMMecology: A whole-of-system approach to plan management intervention in the Coorong

Through the National Research Flagships Collaboration Fund, the CLLAMMecology Research Cluster has developed tools for evaluating water management options to sustain the economic and environmental health of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLAMM).

Dynamic habitat of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLAMM)

This project delivered dynamic habitat maps and models that can be used to investigate the effects of river flows on key plant and animal species in the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLAMM) region of South Australia.

Zygaenid moths of Australia

This volume of the Monographs of Australia series provides comprehensive and new information on Australian Zygaenidae. Chapters discuss zygaenid morphology, biology, phylogeny and classification, with considerable new information of world-wide relevance.

On The Fly: the interactive atlas and key to Australian fly families

On The Fly is an interactive key to Australian fly families, including illustrations for character states and live images of representative species, taxon information for each family, and information on diversity, biology, ecology and pest status.

Dr Max Day: a life time devoted to science

Dr Max Day has had a long and distinguished career in science and continues his contribution as an Honorary Fellow at CSIRO Entomology.

Liriomyza parasitoids in South-East Asia

Identification keys to the Liriomyza parasitoids of South-East Asia.

Ladybirds of Australia

The website provides an overview of all ladybirds in Australia, and includes information about their biology, distribution, identification and images.

Eulophidae parasitoids identification

The Eulophidae parasitoids website, provides detailed interactive identification keys to the Eulophidae parasitoids (Hymenoptera) of leafmining Agromyzidae (Diptera).

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